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Does it snow in San Francisco – All you need to know

Only six times in the preceding 150 years, including 2014, did San Francisco get at least one inch of snowfall. Snowfall in San Francisco is extremely uncommon, unlike the periodically snowy hills that surround the city. 

The last few times San Francisco saw an inch of snowfall was on December the 11th, 1912, and again in 2014. 

Coastal California, including San Francisco, had colder temperatures and heavier snowfalls more frequently in the second half of the 19th century.

San Francisco by the Golden Bridge

San Francisco, however, experiences moderate winters with little snowfall because to its latitude and seaside position.

The average winter temperature in San Francisco is between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius. As a matter of fact, it can grow colder (particularly at night), but snow is rather infrequent, although rain is inescapable. The rains can also be both sudden and heavy. The “rainy season’s” coldest month is likely January (which lasts from November to March approximately).

How come San Francisco is so chilly?

The fog that San Francisco experiences is chilly, wet and is frequently brought in by an ice ocean wind. It is created when freezing Pacific waves and warmer air collide. This explains why San Francisco’s Pacific Ocean areas, such the Richmond and Sunset districts, are known for being chilly.

Does it snow in San Francisco in November?

You never have to worry about snow in November since the temperature in San Francisco has never dipped below zero degrees Celsius. Is November a suitable time to visit San Francisco in light of this?. San Francisco is most enjoyable between September and November. 

San Francisco Bridge California USA

Unbelievably, the city has some of its warmest temperatures throughout the fall, along with fewer visitors than during the summer. 

Considering the pleasant weather and lack of rain, spring is another excellent season to go (compared to other parts of California).

Moreover, how does San Francisco look like in November?

In November, San Francisco experiences pleasant and cold temperatures. The rainy season officially begins in November. 

Most of the month’s first week is dry with somewhat higher-than-average highs. As you approach week three or around around Thanksgiving, temperatures start to chill off and the rain starts to fall. 

Simply put, what is the November temperature in San Francisco?

The average daily high temperature for November in San Francisco is typically between 60 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 19 degrees Celsius). Typically, the lowest temperature ranges from 48 to 52°F (9 to 11°C). November is when San Francisco’s days begin to chill off the fastest.

Does San Francisco see snowfall in December?

In December or at any other time of the year, San Francisco seldom experiences snowfall. The city has chilly, rainy winters and pleasant, dry summers due to its Mediterranean climate. 

Although there may be some snowfall in the Bay Area’s surrounding areas, it is quite unusual for snow to fall in the city.

Which month is the coldest in San Francisco each year?

The month of January is by far the coldest month of the year in San Francisco.

What to wear if it does rain or snow in San Francisco?

First and foremost, keep in mind to pack a raincoat with a hood for rainy days. For the days that it doesn’t rain, you can keep it. Finally, you should bring it with you because it can rain during the day. 

Also pack some extra layers for the morning or evening when it becomes a bit cooler, such as gloves, a scarf, or even a hat. However, as it seldom drops below 5°C, the huge mountain down jacket might not be required. Take it if you go on to Yosemite or Lake Tahoe, as such places have snow, of course.

Bring light sweaters with long sleeves as well; you can wear two as it is best to dress in layers to maintain heat.

Bring comfortable walking shoes that are also waterproof to keep your feet dry. Because of the wind, the umbrella has less practical uses. So it is up to you to decide what it most suitable for you.

Final Thoughts

The closest summits, such Mount Tamalpais and Mount Diablo, which can get snowfall throughout the winter, offer the best chance to view snow in San Francisco.

San Francisco fire truck

These summits provide fantastic prospects for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding since they may receive up to several inches of snowfall each year.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you had the chance to experience snow in San Francisco, please leave a comment below. 

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