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Does it snow in Oregon? – See Where, How much and When

The heartland of Oregon is covered by a plateau with an arid continental climate. The Willamette Valley, which is close to the coast, experiences a semi-oceanic climate with a hot dry summer.

Snow in Mount Hood Portland - Oregon, United States of America

There are low-lying valleys and low-lying plains in the interior, where the winters are mild and the summers are hot and sunny, creating a climate that is virtually Mediterranean. 

Heavy snowfalls occur in the Cascade Range, which separates the ocean-influenced western section from the dry eastern part.

Does Oregon get Snow?

Yes, Oregon definitely gets Snow. In the Cascade Range, precipitation begins to increase again with elevation. 

For example, Government Camp at 1,200 meters and the base of Mount Hood receives over 2000 mm of annual precipitation, with 85 cm of snow, while Crater National Park Lake at a height of 2,150 meters of elevation receives as much as 14 meters of snowfall per year. 

Due to the large amount of snow, the permanent snowfall line is rather low, already 2100 meters on the slopes of the highest mountains.

Eastern central Oregon, which is mostly covered by plateaus as mentioned above, is dry because the moist Pacific currents have pushed most of the rain down the western slopes and mountains. 

As a result, areas such as Hermiston, Baker City, Bend, and Ontario often see less than 300 mm of precipitation per year. However, winters are cold and sometimes it does snow.

When does it snow in Portland Oregon?

The snowy season in Portland lasts for about 3 months, from Early November till the end of February, with at least 0.1 inches of treacherous snow falling throughout a 30-day period.

Snow in Portland - Oregon, USA

The average amount of snow that falls in Portland each year is only 4.5 inches, and it generally does so over the period of one or two days. 40 inches of rain fall on average each year in the US. 

Snowfall in Portland is around 3 inches yearly on average. The average amount of snowfall in the US is close to 30 inches.

Where does it snow in Oregon?

Skiing in Oregon is a memorable experience with everything from easy beginning slopes to difficult black diamond courses. 

Oregon is worth a try, even though the alternatives aren’t as wide-ranging as the best ski areas in Utah and other more well-known states nationwide. It may end up surprising you with what it can provide. 

Consider taking a ski trip to Oregon. Not sure about your destination?, continue reading to learn about the top Ski resorts worth visiting!

1) Mount Bachelor

Mt. Bachelor, one of the biggest ski resorts in the country, has a 4,300-acre ski area in its entirety. There is a terrain for everyone, whether you want to practise using beginning snowboards and skis or want to show off your expertise. 

101 runs are available, with the majority targeted for intermediate and advanced skiers.

Mount Bachelor, Oregon

What makes Mount Bachelor so special? 

  • Rides on ski lifts
  • Decent bike park
  • Contains the largest restaurant in Oregon

2) Mount Hood meadows

With an average yearly snowfall of around 4,300 inches, Mt. Hood Meadows takes pride in offering consistent skiing conditions all winter long. 

In addition, skiers will value the variety of slopes because there are 2,150 skiable terrains, making them ideal for both beginners and seasoned skiers who have mastered all the sport’s techniques. 

Snow in Oregon, USA

What makes Mt. Hood Meadows so special?

  • Ideal for all ski abilities 
  • Difficult hiking terrain 
  • Trustworthy snow conditions

3) Mount Hood Ski Bowl

In search of the ideal location for night skiing in Oregon? One of the finest spots to do your night skiing goggles and negotiate difficult terrain is Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. 

The 960-acre ski area at the resort, which features a 1,500-foot vertical drop, offers extra activities throughout the day. In addition to skiing, there are terrain parks and snowboarding sections at the resort. 

Mount Hood Portland Oregon

What makes Mount Hood Ski Bowl so special?

  • Good-quality land 
  • Wonderful option for all ski ability levels 
  • Ideal for night skiing

4) Mount Ashland

Mount Ashland, which lies in southern Oregon, stands out due to the names of its lifts and trails. They draw inspiration from William Shakespearean figures. 

Only 220 acres of the resort are actually skiable. It’s important to remember that not everyone will enjoy it. Black diamonds, which make up 50% of the tracks, may be challenging even for specialists. 

Before you travel, make sure you are familiar with advanced methods, such as how to ski moguls and steep hills. 

What makes Mount Ashland so special?

  • A wise decision for experts 
  • A private setting 
  • Governed by the community as a nonprofit resort

5) Willamette Pass

The Willamette Pass Ski Resort is situated on a mountain with a peak elevation of 6,680 feet, a base elevation of 5,120 feet, and a vertical elevation of 1,500 feet.

There are 550 acres of skiable land in all, and a 20-kilometer skiing slope is also available. The majority of the 29 ski slopes are best suited for skiers at the intermediate and advanced levels. 

You should also take your best cross-country skis to Willamette Pass. 

What makes Willamette Pass so special?

  • Cross-country skiing friendly 
  • Difficult paths for experts 
  • No sizable crowd

6) Anthony Lakes

The 300 inches of snow that fall on average each year at Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort ensure consistent skiing conditions all winter long. 

The base elevation is 7,100 feet, the highest in Oregon. There are slopes ideal for all skill levels, which is one of the reasons it is a favourite for powder skiing. 

A 30 kilometre long groomed Nordic skiing path is also available. 

The reasons Anthony Lakes is special

  • Dependable snow programmes 
  • Appropriate for all levels 
  • Friendly atmosphere and family friendly

7) Timberline

The fact that Timberline is the only year-round ski resort in North America is something the resort is proud of. Timberline is well-known for being situated at an elevation of 11,245 feet on a volcano. 

With a vertical drop of 2,616 feet, it looks spectacular. When descending the steep slopes, make sure to utilise the best ski poles to support your weight. 

Snow somewhere in Portland, Oregon USA

What makes Timberline so special?

  • Open year-round 
  • Challenging tracks 
  • A magnificent setting

8) Hoodoo Ski Area

Another ski area to visit is Hoodoo Ski Area for the greatest skiing experience in Oregon. In addition to its convenient location, Hoodoo is also known for providing a variety of non-skiers-friendly ski resort activities. 

Throughout your visit, there are several activities you may enjoy. But if you choose to ski, you may explore its 800 acres of skiable terrain, which has 30% runs for beginners, 30% runs for intermediates, and 40% runs for experts. 

What makes Hoodoo Ski Area so special?

  • Well situated 
  • Excellent for night skiing 
  • Stunning Nordic paths

9) Cooper spur mountain resort

Cooper Spur Mountain Resort has attractive rustic lodgings, which is one of its main charms. In addition to its scenic appeal, the resort is great for testing out basic skis. 

The ski area features 40% beginner-friendly runs and 60% intermediate-friendly lines. You may not have as much choice as other Oregon skiing alternatives because Cooper Spur has just 10 runs. 

What makes cooper spur mountain resort so special?

  • Rustic environment 
  • Ideal location for beginners 
  • A private setting

10) Warner's Canyon

Warner Canyon is one of the top slopes to go to if you want to ski in Oregon without a lot of tourists. The resort is not as crowded as its more well-known competitors, even in the thick of winter. For novice and intermediate skiers, the terrain’s 50 acres are perfect. 

There are ten runs and a 35-foot vertical. Despite being modest, it has all the necessary equipment, including a cable car and a double chairlift. 

Additionally, it has a small rental shop where you can rent skis, ski helmets, ski goggles, and other necessary ski equipment.

Snow somewhere in Oregon, USA

What makes Warner Canyon so special?

  • No sizable crowd 
  • Kept-up Nordic trails 
  • even for children, ideal 
  • Introduction to All Surf Sports 

Even though Oregon doesn’t have some of the top ski and snowboard destinations in the world, you shouldn’t disregard it. 

You’re sure to enjoy yourself a lot if you check out the resorts listed above! There is a resort with runs and trails suitable for everyone, regardless of their skill level.

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