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The Surprising Truth About Snow in Las Vegas

To answer this question, few things have to be kept in mind: Snowfall is not uncommon in Las Vegas but major accumulations are.

Given that Las Vegas is situated in a desert location with hot, dry weather all year round, snow is an unusual and a thrilling event there.

However, the city occasionally suffers a winter storm that delivers snow and icy conditions.

Bellagio Fountain Water show Las Vegas Nevada

According to National Weather Service data, the largest snowfall in Las Vegas happened in January 1949, when 16.7 inches of snow fell. The snowiest February month was in 1939, when 4.1 inches of snow fell.

Does Las Vegas typically have snow?

About every five years, snowflakes occasionally fall in Las Vegas, generally in December or February. The amount of snow on the ground usually doesn’t go any deeper than one inch once every ten years (2.5 cm). 

How much snow usually falls in Vegas?

A city official has confirmed that the snowfall in Las Vegas on February 20th in 2019  was 0.5 inches, according to the National Weather Service in Las Vegas, beating the previous record. 

He said that this was the second most recent occasion in Winter where a measurement of at least half an inch has been made. On average, Las vegas receives around 0.3 inches of snow every year. 

Where exactly does it snow in Vegas?

When snow does hit Las Vegas, you can see it everywhere in the city, from the McCarran airport, to Las Vegas Boulevard, and even in Summerlin. 

With snowfall in February 2019, Summerlin near the western section of the Vegas Beltway has received more than seven inches of snow. 

In December 2008, Las Vegas had one of the city’s most notable snowstorms, which dumped over 4 inches of snow on the city and resulted in major traffic delays and school closings. 

The amount of snow that fell was so great that the famous Bellagio Hotel’s roof actually caved down under the weight of the snow.

Has it snowed in 2022 in Las Vegas?

A Canadian cold front was affecting the entire United States in December 2022, bringing with it a dip in temperature and heavy precipitation for the states of Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. 

Over most of Arizona and New Mexico were snowy. This cold air moved eastward, delivering this weekend’s extremely unpredictable weather to the Great Plains. It did not snow in Las Vegas despite this.

Is there snow in Las Vegas’ nearby mountains?

Mount Charleston, with a variety of hiking routes and a small ski facility, is a year-round destination for Las Vegas residents and visitors. 

When facing west from the Las Vegas Strip, you can see the snow-covered mountain for more than half of the year.

Final Thoughts

The uncommon chance to witness a winter wonderland in the heart of the desert is enjoyed by many locals and visitors alike, despite the commotion and inconvenience that snow may cause in the city. 

People of all ages may be seen having snowball battles, making snowmen, and playing in the snow.

So if you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas and hoping to see some snow, be sure to bring your warmest coat and gloves and keep an eye on the weather forecast – you never know when a winter storm might hit the city.

While the snow may not stick around for long in Las Vegas, it is a unique and memorable experience that is sure to be remembered by those who are lucky enough to experience it. 

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