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Exploring Malmo, Sweden: 1 day itinerary

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city after Stockholm and Gothenburg and is worth a detour. A cosmopolitan city with old-town Scandinavian charm.

 Just 40 minutes by train from Copenhagen, the city is a growing tourist destination. There are many urban and environmental assets.

Its new environmental district already shows what the city of the future will look like.

Malmo City Center, Sweden

How to get to Malmo, Sweden?

Basically, there are two ways to get to Malmö:

From Copenhagen (Denmark):

Just go to the central station and buy a train ticket. There are several trains every day. The average fare is $15  and the journey time is 40 minutes.

From Stockholm (Sweden):

From Central Station there is a train to Malmö. On the other hand, it costs 90 US dollars and  takes about 4 hours 30 minutes to 5 hours. 

Therefore, I recommend the first option from Copenhagen Central Station. This is what I did. In both cases, when traveling using Omio, you can pre-book trains and get attractive prices.

Then there is also the option to take the Öresundsbronn, a bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark if you are driving or cycling.

Interesting facts about Sweden

Sweden is part of the European Union, but not part of the Eurozone. The currency is the Swedish Krona and 1 GBP is equivalent to 13.59 Swedish Krona (SEK) at the time of writing.

The cost of living is very high compared to other cities in Europe, so it’s difficult to eat for less than £20 (except for fast food), and if you decide to stay, your hotel budget will be quite high.

Sweden’s official language is Swedish, which belongs to the Scandinavian language family. However, it is easy to communicate as most swedes speak English.

As Sweden is part of the European Union, a simple ID card (not expired and valid for 3 months after the end of your stay) is required. Remember to bring your European health insurance card if you are a visitor from the EU. 

Things to do in Malmo, Sweden

For me, Malmo can easily be visited in 1 day. I managed to do it, and here are may recommended things to do in this charming Swedish town: 

1) The Knotted Gun

The United Nations received “Non-Violence,” the tied revolver by Fredrik Reuterswärd, as a gift from the government of Luxembourg.

Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd’s “Non-Violence” or “The Knotted Gun” artwork was produced in 1980 when he learned that his buddy John Lennon had been killed. 

He entered his studio and began work on “Nonviolence” after becoming upset and furious over this needless killing. 

The Knotted Gun Malmo Sweden

The key thing is that the concept of the knotted barrel was present from the beginning, he claims. “My first three-dimensional sketch was a little rough and simple, but the important thing is that the idea of the knotted barrel was with me from the start,” he adds.

The sculpture erected in Malmö, Sweden, in 1985 is the most renowned version of the work created by the Swedish artist. The piece is a substantial bronze copy of a barreled, 45-caliber revolver. The node wishes to demonstrate that even if the gun is cocked, it won’t discharge.

The Knotted Gun in Malmo, Sweden

The Luxembourg government bought one of the sculpture’s first three iterations and presented it to the UN in 1988. It was stated back then that Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd’s non-violence not only gave the UN a priceless piece of art, but it also gave humanity’s conscience a potent symbol.

It is a sign that captures the greatest prayer of man—one that seeks peace rather than victory—in a few straightforward curves.

2) Malmo Old Town

 The city of Malmö is so small that everything is easily explored on foot once you arrive. For a little help, there are self-service electric scooters.

Upon arrival at the train station, I recommend heading to the historic center. The city of Malmö is so small that many things can be easily done on foot. 

You can also use self-service electric scooters to save time. In the old town, Stortorget and Rila Torri squares are the most typical buildings. The wide Stortorget square offers a view of the Old Town Hall. 

Optimistorkestern (Optimistic Orchestra) in Old Town Malmo, Sweden

I then, recommend going in the direction of the Södergatan street. At the beginning of the road, you can see some statues: “Optimistorkestern” (optimistic orchestra).

It is one of Malmö’s most photographed art works. It was erected in 1985 to celebrate the opening of the city’s first pedestrian shopping street. 

Lilla Torg Square is also reachable from Stortorget Square. This is one of the most popular places for locals to meet there for a drink in the evening. 

3) Sankt Petri Kyrka (St Peters church)

This gothic-style church was built in the beginning of the XIV century, possibly after a church in Lübeck.

Saint Peter's Church (Sankt Petri kyrka), Malmo Sweden

The inside, which is quite clear, has a stunning wooden sculpture table created by German artists as well as a local craftsman named Daniel Tommisen (active between 1582 and 1603)’s baptismal fonts and a sandstone pulpit.

Inside Saint Peter's Church (Sankt Petri kyrka) in Malmo Sweden

This landmark has also preserved some medieval fresco remnants. If you like to visit churches, don’t miss this one. I like the look and the shape from Outside, but what about going inside?

The pure white covering the walls and dome gives a special atmosphere to this place unlike any other church I have visited before.

4) Vasta Hamnen

The Kockum shipyard, a former port site, is where the Västra Hamnen neighborhood is now located. It has a number of cutting-edge structures constructed by well-known architects and provides those who live there with an extraordinary standard of living.

Vasta Hamnen, Malmo Sweden

The resund, the well-known bridge that connects Sweden and Denmark, will be seen while you wander along the water. The Turning Torso (skyscraper) is also visible at Vasta Hamnen.

5) Turning Turso

The Turning Torso is a magnificent structure that is one of a kind in the entire globe. It is made up completely of nine interconnected spiral cubes that rotate in the direction of the resund Strait. The project was created by Santiago Calatrava, a well-known Spanish architect.

Turning Turso Malmo, Sweden

The inauguration of this skyscraper in 2005 served as an illustration for Malmö’s rebirth. With 190 meters, it is the second-tallest residential skyscraper in Europe and the tallest in Scandinavia!

6) Øresund Bridge

The largest bridge that crosses the ocean is this one! It links the Danish city of Copenhagen with the Swedish city of Malmö.

You will go both above and below water during your crossing (the raised portion takes up more than half the trip).

Øresund Bridge, Malmo Sweden

An artificial island constructed in the Resund Strait, followed by a tunnel, expand the bridge. There are 16 kilometers to be covered in total.

From the beaches in the Västra Hamnen neighborhood, you may enjoy the bridge in its entirety.

7) Kungsparken

Kungsparken, inaugurated by King Oscar II of Sweden in 1872, is notable for its exotic trees and magnificent flowerbeds, as well as housing the town’s casino.

Kungspark Malmo Sweden

I had a great time exploring this park. It is well known for its flowerbeds and exotic plants. A wonderful spot to unwind and appreciate nature.

8) Malmö Castle and Slottsparken Park

Malmö is a park-filled, green city. My favorite was this one since it is quite big and has the castle, the Slottsmöllan mill, and lakes. This is the ideal location for a picnic if you’re thinking about one.

The magnificent Malmö Castle, also known as Malmohüs Slott in Swedish, was constructed in 1434 by King Eric of Pomerania. It was nearly destroyed at the start of the 16th century until Christian III of Denmark and Norway repaired it in 1537.

Malmo Castle, Malmo Sweden

The most magnificent museums in the city of Malmö are located in this magnificent stronghold, which is the oldest Renaissance castle in all of Scandinavia. When visiting Malmö, you may explore stunning full and diverse collections.

Slottsparken park, Malmo Sweden

For instance, you can view the Natural History Museum’s collections, the Malmö Art Museum’s collection of 20th-century Nordic art, which is the largest collection in Sweden, the Municipal Museum, which will teach you more about the city and its surroundings, and finally the House of Technologies and the Navy. 

The latter offers the chance to conduct amazing experiments, and will be a great choice for families looking for things to do in Malmö!

9) Malmo Central Station

The primary train station in the southwest Swedish city of Malmö is called Malmö Central Station. The “Södra stambanan” (southern main line), a railway line of the Swedish railway network from Malmö to Stockholm, serves it.

Malmo Centralstation

As well as train quays, you can find a super market (Coop),  a variety of food shops as well as the possibility to use free wifi internet and power sockets to charge your electronic equipment. 

Outside the station, you can find stops for local buses, as well as coaches (Flixbus) that commute to either Copenhagen, the airport or Stockholm. 

10) Cycling Paths

It is generally known that Scandinavia is regarded as a cycling haven. Thus, rental bicycle shops are numerous and warmly welcome fans of lovely two-wheeled transportation!

The entire city of Malmö can be explored on a bike in a few days thanks to the network of more than 500 kilometers of cycle paths that literally run through it.

Cycling paths in Malmo, Sweden

From the enormous Stortorget square to the environmentally friendly Västra Hamnen neighborhood via the Riviera or by making a relaxing stop at the public sauna, the city is yours once you’re on two wheels. 

As you can see, this is the most enjoyable method to see Malmö, therefore we urge you to take advantage of it.

11) A Boat trip

It is possible to find out what to do in Malmö by taking a guided tour of the many canals that cross the city. The boats used are uncovered, which allows you to admire the city and capture great shots during the course.

Boat Trip in Malmo Sweden

Starting with the historic city center, the guided tour -translated into English, if Swedish is not familiar to you- continues to modern Malmö and gives the opportunity to discover the most beautiful places in the city.

Romantic as you wish, this activity is one of our favorites and we hope we have convinced you to visit Malmö while enjoying a nice boat trip.

Final Thoughts

Is Malmo worth visiting?

Because of its distinctive fusion of deep history, modernism, and a thriving cultural scene, Malmö, Sweden, is worth visiting. 

Beautiful architectural wonders like the Turning Torso tower and the ancient Malmö Castle can be seen in this seaside city.

Is Malmo worth visiting? - Malmo Town Center, Sweden

Visitors may stroll through the Old Town’s lovely cobblestone streets (Gamla Staden), take in the city’s famed food markets and diversified culinary scene, and relax in parks like Kungsparken and Pildammsparken. 

With a booming arts scene, international events, and a friendly vibe, Malmö is a wonderfully alluring location because to its cosmopolitan culture.

Overall, 4-5 hours are plenty to tour the city and its attractions. If you wish to dine there, I suggest “Bistrot Torget Burger”; the menu costs £10 and comes with water and coffee in addition to the high-quality food.

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