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Exploring the Charm of Reine, Norway

Reine Lofoten Island Norway is seen as one of the most beautiful villages in the whole Norway. It is undeniable that this location has a lot of charm. Clinging to various peninsulas, It blends in harmony with the mountains that surround it.

In Reine, Lofoten Islands Norway

I have visited this lovely village for 4 days. I didn’t know anything about Reine, Norway before my colleague spoke to me about it, and highly recommended it to me. 

After checking some pictures on Google, I decided to give it a try. You can find all the details about my experience below.  

Where is Reine Located?

Reine is a  fishing village located on the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway. The Lofoten Islands are a group of islands located in the Arctic Circle, just north of the city of Bodø.

Located in the municipality of Moskenes, in the county of Nordland, they are known for their rugged, mountainous landscape and colourful houses. It is an ideal destination for adventurers and photographers. 

5 reasons to visit Reine

  1. Without a doubt, the most beautiful landscapes in Norway
  2. A different identity, a population living and working in the fishing industry
  3. Ideal to see the Northern Lights
  4. Beautiful Fishing Village
  5. Getting there is simple
Reine village - Norway
Reine Lofoten Islands Norway

How to get to Reine, Norway?

The Lofoten Islands can be reached in a number of ways. You may use a vehicle, boat, bus, or aircraft to get there.

Reine, Lofoten Islands Norway

By Plane

If you decide to fly, Wideroe (a subsidiary of SAS), which conducts flights from Bodo, may drop you off either at Leknes or Svolvaer airport.

Flight to the lofoten Islands in Norway

It just takes 25 minutes to get there. You may also take a flight with SAS or Norwegian from Oslo or Bergen, but you’ll have to layover in Bodo to connect with Wideroe airline.

By Car

In Narvik/Harstad, you may rent a car if you decide to drive. Svolvaer can be reached in around 3h30 (240km). Narvik and A i Lofoten may also be reached by bus. 

By Ferry

Finally, it is feasible to go from Bodo to Moskenes via ferry (and return). The trip takes a little be more than three and a half hours. The price is about NOK 200 (About 20 euros).

There is no need to make reservations in advance; you may purchase the ticket on the platform. 

If you want to go locally, you may rent a vehicle at the Bodo airport (which is close to the city centre) and then take the boat in it.

On the other side, a one-way ticket will cost more (706Nok, or about €75). You might also get to Svolvaer via ferry (only passengers). Click here for rates and schedules.

To get to Reine, I flew from Oslo to Bodo and then walked to the ferry point. I took the ferry that left Bodo at 17:30 with arrival at 21:30. 

It is a cool crossing, with the possibility of meeting locals going back to the fishing villages in the lofoten islands, or fellow travellers and northern lights hunters.

Ferry in Bodo Norway

You have plenty of seats to enjoy the scenery during the crossing. Also, you have an open bar to buy food and drinks inside. Norway is a bit pricy, so I recommend to do some shopping in a super market at Bodo before starting your journey.  

Travellers on the Ferry between Bodo and Moskenes Norway

Once arrived in Moskenes, I was given a lift to Reine. The ride is about 15 minutes to the village. You will cross the E10 road that seperates the two towns. You can also take the 742 bus (please check the schedule before arriving).

You don’t need a car if you are only planning to stay in Reine and explore it exclusively. 

Accommodation in Reine

You have several options regarding accommodation, depending on the time of visit. Here is a few suggestions at your disposal:

White House Accomodation in Reine Lofoten Islands Norway
  • Rent a Rorbuer for an authentic Lofoten Experience: A rorbuer is a charming fisherman’s cabin on stilt s with all modern comforts. The cost per night is around 600 NOK ( $65 usd), and I highy advise to book early. I suggest using websites like or
  • Use Airbnb. This can be a cheaper option. I did rent a whole house in Reine for $45 per night. If you look well in advance, that is the best price you can get. 
Accommodation in Reine - view of the bay.

I recommend to bring some cash with you to cover your stay in Reine. It will be extremely difficult to exchange or withdraw money there. 

Money can be spent very quickly if you consider for example that a 4 hour-kayak excursion in summer costs around $110.

Where to shop in Reine?

You have a few options if you want to shop in Reine Lofoten, Norway:

A) Circle K Reine

Circle K Reine is a convenience store located in Reine. It is located within a Gas station. You can widthraw cash at this location using the ATM. 

I found this store to be a bit pricey, compared to Coop. This shop sells a variety of Items including snacks, drinks and other convenience items.

  • Address: 8390 Reine, Norvège
Food in Bodo Norway

B) Coop Reine

Coop is a grocery store chain that is popular in Norway. It is Located halfway between Reine and Hamnoey on the E10 Highway. I discovered this store during my walk to Hamnoy. 

It is a bit cheaper than Circle K Reine, and offer more variety of items: Food, cleaning supplies and personal care products.

  • Address: E10, 8398 Reine, Norvège

Activities to do when visiting Reine, Norway

1) Walk from Reine to Hamnoy

One activity you can do is to walk from Bodo to Hamnoy. It is a scenic walk that will take you through some of the most breath-taking landscapes in all of Norway, with towering mountains, crystal clear fjords and picturesque islands along the way.

E10 road between Reine and Hamnoy

As I was leaving Reine, I was treated to stunning views of the surrounding mountains, which were blanketed in a layer of snow during my time of visit (I visited Reine in November). The path follows the shoreline, taking me past charming wooden houses and picturesque bridges.

View from bridge between Reine and Hamnoy

As I was approaching Hamnoy, I was struck by the natural setting of this small Fishing village. It has traditional red, wooden houses and is surrounded by rugged mountains and gorgeous blue water.

Cliff covered with snow in Hamnoy Norway
Reine Rorbuer Lofoten Islands Norway
On the E10 highway between Reine and Hamnoy
Getting to Hamnøy Norway

How Long does it take to walk to Hamnoy?

Hamnoy is about 5km away from Reine. The walk in itself is an easy one, and can be completed in a few hours (2 to 3 hours). 

However, it is important to be prepared for the cold, as temperatures in Reine can be quite chilly in the winter months. Be sure do dress in layers, and bring along a hat, gloves and warm boots.

2) Climb Reinebringen

The Villages of Reine and Hamnoy are without a doubt the most visited islands in the Lofoten, and if you visit or hike there during peak season, expect to run across a large number of people.

Reinebringen is a mountain with a top that rises to a hight of over 650 metres. The hike isn’t quite a trek in the traditional sense. You will find that getting to the summit is quite easy using the 1600 stone stairs enabling you to ascend around 500 metres of altitude above sea level.

Hikers in Reine - Norway

The stairs were erected by Nepalese workers (Sherpas). These brave workers have set other stairs in other mountains in Norway, like the 3km long path located in Øyfjellet.

Stairs Reinebringen Lofoten Islands Norway

If you visit in winter, you can climb the mountain but you have to be aware of few things: few hours of daylight, snow and slippery paths. In winter, the sun rises at around 10:30AM and sets at 1PM. 

This leaves you with only few hours to make it to the top and back. With the lack of visibility, I recommend to start the hike early (at around 8AM).

If you visit in Summer, you won’t have to worry too much, and the Sun sets for only a few hours.

On the Stairs to Reinebringen Reine Lofoten Islands Norway
Half way stop to Reinebringen summit Reine Norway

The view from the top of Reinebringen mountain is truly breathtaking. It is a popular hike for the Lofoten islands visitors. The mountain top offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, including the Lofoten Archipelago (Reine and Hamnoy). 

From the summit, you can see for kilometres in every direction. As you stand at the top of this mountain, you can watch the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky with an amazing palette of oranges, reds and purples. 

Don’t forget to bring your camera to immortalize this unique experience of watching the breathtaking beauty of the Lofoten Islands.

What gear to climb Reinebringen?

In Summer/Spring

You can make it with trainers or hiking shoes. My recommendation would be to have a backpack with a lot of water to hydrate yourself during the hike, sun cream and sunglasses as a prolonged exposure to the sun can be harmful.

I also recommend to take a jacket with you as it might get windy toward the summit.

Hiking shoes with Crampons Reine Lofoten Islands Norway

In Winter/Autumn

My recommendation for climbing Reinebringen in winter is to have a full body protection with multiple layers, hiking boots (with crampons as it might get slippery at times). 

Also, wearing a jacket with gloves and a hat. I urge you to check the weather forecast to make sure it won’t rain or snow the day of the hike.    

Depending on your fitness and hiking experience, this hike takes about 1 hour and half to reach the peak, which I found very intense. With approximately 1.6k stairs, it’s not a walk in a park.

3) Watching the Northern Lights in Reine, Norway

You don’t need to join a tour or rent a car to see the northern lights in Reine. When I visited, I was extremely lucky to see the northern lights every night.

To see the Northern lights in the Lofoten islands, you should visit during the winter months, when the nights are longest. The best time to see them is from late August to late March, with the peak season being from December to February.

Northern Lights in Reine, Norway

How to see the northern Lights in the Lofoten Islands, Norway?

  • Visit Reine during the Winter season (Ideally from November to February.
  • Check the weather forecast to ensure the sky is clear without clouds.
  • Download the App Norway Lights. This app enables you to know the likelihood of seeing the Northern lights at any time of the night. One tip is to set notification and if the aurora can be seen in Reine, the app will notify you instantly.
Aurora Borealis in Reine Norway

Also, you don’t want to leave Reine without taking stunning pictures of the Northern nights. To do so, you need some equipment. Here’s my recommended photography gear:

  • A DSLR (You don’t need a very expensive one, I was shooting with a Canon 60D)
  • A Tripod as it will stabilise your camera in a very low light environment.
  • A wide Angle lens (I was shooting with a 17-40 mm Red ring Canon Lens) with aperture F/4.
  • Backup batteries and a remote control
Northern Lights on top of a White House in Reine Norway
Photography Gear to shoot the Northern lights in Reine Norway

Watching the Aurora borealis in Reine is a unique experience. It is a mix of stunning landscapes and natural light display.

Final Thoughts

Is Reine Norway worth visiting?

Reine Lofoten Norway is definitely worth visitng if you enjoy outdoor activities and appreciate small and charming villages. Reine is picturesque with its traditional Rorbuer (Fishermen’s Cabins) and colorful houses lining the harbour. 

Leave a commnent below if you also have visited Reine, and give me you feedback. 

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