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A Day in Whitstable: Itinerary Ideas for Visitors

In case you’re looking for a new amazing destination to visit in England, look no further. Kent is the place to be in! It is an English region located in the south-east of the country. 

Additionally, the Kent region is the gateway to Great Britain. While discovering this British region, I highly recommend visiting Whitstable. This British town is renowned for its castles, beaches, lovely markets, small villages and unforgettable pubs etc.

West-Beach Whitstable

Furthermore, when you’re in Whitstable, you must learn about the city’s seafood and oysters culture. Also, Whitstable is an ideal destination for a one day trip.

How to reach Whitstable from London?

Another characteristic of Whitstable that makes it a great destination to visit is that it is only 1 hour away from London by train. You can take it from Victoria Station or St Pancras International. 

Just keep in mind that a return ticket from the first railway station costs £26, while it costs £33 from St Pancras International. Additionally, you’ll find a train every 30min each day except on Sundays.

What to do in Whitstable?

1) West Beach

Strolling on Whitstable’s beach is a must-do activity. West Beach is a long stretch of shingle and houses nice photogenic areas full of colorful huts.

The place runs from the south of the city’s harbor to Seasalter. Additionally, despite the lack of sand, West Beach is still a splendid spot to visit. 

Due to its location, when the tide is out, you can collect shells and various coloured stones.

West Beach Whitstable

Furthermore, as far as I’m concerned, West Beach represents the best of the traditional British seaside.

Moreover, it is a popular spot for sailing, windsurfing and you’ll find numerous nearby cool places to rest, chill and make new friends.

2) Have a drink at the Neptune Pub

Built in the early 19th century, the Neptune Pub in Whitstable is one of the best and quirkiest pubs in the Kent region. This southern English pub is renowned for hosting a mixture of locals and backpackers. 

Additionally, the Neptune is one of the few pubs located on the beach, making it a must-see. Furthermore, the pub offers a wide choice of alcoholic drinks including continental lagers, local ales and local and imported wine. 

You can also savor the Neptune Whitstable’s homemade food whilst enjoying one of the world’s best sunsets.

Old Nepture Whitstable

Moreover, Neptune Whitstable has a rich history of hosting free music events every weekend. The musicians perform every musical genre from blues, Rock & Roll to soul.

Therefore, everyone can come and enjoy listening to their favorite musical genre. 

Another thing that makes Neptune one of a kind is its gorgeous views and lovely atmosphere. 

So just grab a pint of beer and discover one of England’s finest pubs.

3) Try Oysters at the Forge

Another must-try activity in Whitstable is savoring oysters at the Forge. The restaurant is located right on the city’s beautiful seafront and due to its popularity, it often has a large queue snaking around the corner.

Additionally, the Forge is full of wonders that makes it a very charming place. Just sit on the sea wall and enjoy the freshest seafood in town, especially the oysters. 

You’ll find them displayed proudly at the front of the restaurant on a bed of ice.

The Forge Whitstable

Furthermore, I recommend you try the restaurant’s Fish & Chips, it is cooked to perfection! Moreover, the place also serves breakfast and donuts and has a kids’ menu.

In short, everything is great about the Forge and even if only outdoor seating is available, you’ll have a wonderful culinary experience.

4) Whitstable Yacht Club

If you are a fan of maritime activities, then head to the Yacht Club. It is one of the oldest and largest sailing clubs in the country. 

WYC is also the best spot to sail on the north coast of the Kent region.

Whitstable Yacht Club

Whitstable Yacht Club offers sailing in sheltered waters at all times of the tide for windsurfers, catamarans and dinghies.

Additionally, the club has numerous yachts in nearby creeks which dry out. It is also an RYA Recognized Training Center. Furthermore, the WYC has excellent facilities and equipment and offers first class tuition.

Moreover, you can benefit from a temporary membership on application for a course. Also, you can benefit from the same offer if you’re a member of other RYA affiliated sailing clubs.

I also highly recommend visiting Whitstable Yacht Club even if you’re with your kids as the place offers children’s activities.

5) Whitstable Harbour

Another must-see place in Whitstable is its harbor. The place is a drying port turned over to commercial and fishing use only.

Currently, Whitstable harbor is under the control of the Canterbury City Council with a local harbourmaster in residence. Additionally, numerous small coasters use the port shifting aggregates and timber.

Whitstable Harbour

Furthermore, work boats servicing the nearby wind farm take the harbor as a base while fishing fleets occupy the rest of the space. Also, much of the Whitstable port’s space is devoted to the reception and processing of whelks and oysters. 

Therefore, you can imagine what kind of smell will assail your nostrils. However, the place is undoubtedly worth discovering.

Fisherman Statue Whitstable Harbour

Unlike in a Marina full of yachtsmen sipping their drinks, at Whitstable harbor you can enjoy the fishers’ daily hustle and get to know their real authentic life.

Also, the place is home to a traditional sailing barge. Moreover, the port accepts large groups, is dog friendly, has public toilets, on-site light refreshments and a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

6) Harbour Market Whitstable

Whilst visiting the city’s harbor, I recommend you make a small tour at its market. The place is a unique and quirky spot full of locally-created premium fine art and hand-crafted goods. 

Inside the Harbor Market Whitstable, you’ll find drawings, paintings, prints and skilled craftspeople creating distinctive goods, including jewelry, textiles, ceramics and furniture.

Whitstable Harbour Market

No matter your lifestyle or type of buying  persona, you’ll find something to suit your budget and match your taste. Additionally, you’ll meet the local creators face to face.

Also, at the market, you’ll find micro eateries that serve a mouth watering variety of food. From fresh wraps, fried fish, burgers, to Thai dishes, you’re up for one unforgettable experience!

However, before going to visit Harbor Market Whitstable, know that the place opens everyday except Tuesday and Wednesday.

7) Have Fish and chips at the Oyster Shed

Whitstable is famous for its fish and chips and if you’re looking for the best place to taste it, then head straight to the Oyster Shed. Located on the South quay of the city’s harbor, Oyster Shed serves fresh local seafood.

Have a Fish and Chips at the Oyster Shed

The restaurant is simply an amazing place to enjoy Whitstable’s best fish and chips and watch the world go by. 

Additionally, the Oyster Shed serves a tasty beer battered fish with rock salt on the top and their service is nice, friendly and quick!

8) Beach Walk

Another must-do activity in Whitstable is walking along its beach. The city’s coastal walk stretches from Whitstable to Herne Bay. It is worth mentioning that it covers roughly 5 miles of coastline.

Beach Walk Whitstable

Also, Whitstable beach walk is very pleasant even if it doesn’t have the grand breathtaking views as some other coastal walks. 

However, if you want an easy and relaxing seaside stroll, then this one’s for you!

9) Tankerton Bay Beach Huts

When discovering Kent region and Whitstable, go explore Tankerton Bay Huts. It is a lovely beach full of shells for the kids to collect. It is also a dog friendly area and isn’t crowded most of the days.

Tankerton Bay Beach Huts, Kent

Additionally, Tankerton Bay Beach Huts is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy mother nature.

Furthermore, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the bay’s sunset and walk all the way to the end point towards Herne Bay to admire a panoramic view.

Also, I recommend you sit on one of the benches top of the hill and enjoy an amazing view of the huts, the beach, as well as the Street. 


10) Walking along the Street, Tankerton

If you ever want to see one of the most breathtaking sunset in Kent region, you must visit the Street in Tankerton. It stretches from the beach and is a shingle strip about half a mile long that’s exposed at low tide. 

It you visit at high tide, it is amazing the see the street slowly emerge and frankly impressive to see how far it can go.  

At low tide you can enter the estuary with water on either side. I highly recommend you bring wellies with you if you want to have the impression of walking on water and leaving England for a moment. 

Additionally, if you want something reminiscent of Old England, just stand right out at sea to look back at the shingle beach and wooden groynes.

The Street Tankerton

Furthermore, the Street Tankerton is low-key and entirely uncommercial, making it a pleasant spot for a stroll. The grassy slopes just above the beach are also popular with families during the summer. 

They are also an ideal space for having a family picnic while kids play in the water beyond. Moreover, the place has a little cafe to rest and enjoy a big selection of ice creams. 

I also highly recommend bringing a bottle of water if you want to finish discovering the whole street as it can be a little bit challenging.

11. Tankerton Beach

The tranquil setting of this beach offers a rural getaway for those looking for a nice swim and well managed facilities. Tankerton Beach’s distinctive low tide makes it a perfect spot for a family picnic or simply for relaxing and admiring the magnificent views.

Tankerton Beach

You can access the beach from Tankerton Street, so don’t hesitate to take a pleasant walk there. Additionally, Tankerton Beach houses pretty wooden huts and an established sailing club. 

Furthermore, while enjoying the natural beauty of the beach, I invite you to try paddling and explore rock pools and sea life.


12. Tankerton Slopes

They are a must-visit tourist attraction in Whitstable. The slopes roll gently towards the sea and provide excellent views of Tankerton Street. Therefore, allowing you to have a nice encounter between naturally formed spit of land and the sea. 

Additionally, Tankerton Slopes are very popular with dog owners and cyclists. Furthermore, at the top of the slopes, you’ll find cannons. They are witnesses to the historical significance of the area as a British coastal defense point.

Tankerton Slopes

Also, I invite you to enjoy Tankerton Slopes’ viewpoints. They allow you to admire a superb vintage point to watch the nautical world go by.

Just like me, you’ll be amazed by the Lovely views and walks along the slopes. Also, while strolling Tankerton on a clear evening, you can see a very panoramic sunset over the sea.

Moreover, Tankerton Slopes represent the backdrop to beach activities all year round. You’ll find nearby delicious ice cream shops and fish and chips restaurants to regain your energy. Also, if you’re traveling by car or van, you can park your vehicle for free on nearby roads.

13. Whitstable Castle and Gardens

Previously known as Tankerton Towers, the city’s castle and gardens served a residence for the Pearson family in the late 1790s. Over the years, Whitstable Castle has been improved by its numerous successive owners. 

Located only a five minute walk from the harbor, the castle enjoys a great location on the seafront between Whitstable and Tankerton slopes.

Whitstable Castle and Gardens

Additionally, this tourist attraction serves as a unique venue for weddings, private parties and corporate and community events.

Furthermore, the gardens’ ornaments are stunning and very pleasant. So don’t hesitate to have a family lunch there on a sunny day. You won’t regret it!


14) Whitstable High Street

This is Whitstable’s main street and has maintained its typical Kent coastal look. This high street is a charming area. It is highly recommended for hanging out on a weekend due to its vibrant vibes and atmosphere.

Whitstable high street has many charming viewpoints that give the place an old and very beautiful look.

Whitstable High Street

There is no doubt in my mind that you will love walking and seeing a little of everything in this street (shops, restaurants, Cafes…etc).

15. Whitstable Street Art

Graffitis are widely present in Whitstable. They give a unique charm to this British town and also allow the local artists to show proudly their talents to the world. 

One of the most notorious and remarkable street artists is Catman. Known as the banksy of Kent, Catman quickly became a widely appreciated street artist thanks to his original works on canvas.

Queen and Corgis - Wall Art - Catman , Whitstable High Street, Kent, England

His graffiti art can be seen for free in Whitstable. One of his best creative art works is the boy blowing bubbles. The bubbles in the graffiti spell out the word Whitstabubble – a play on the seaside town’s name.

Another remarkable street art masterpiece in Whitstable is Queen Elizabeth on a hoverboard. The artistic masterpiece is located on high street.

Mona lisa Catman Wall Art Whitstable high street Kent England

The graffiti is a humorous depiction of Her Majesty being towed along by her corgis de ella. Furthermore, I also invite you to admire the Mona Lisa drawn by Catman. 

It is a portrait of Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous masterpiece with the complete dress of the Mona Lisa.

Coronavirus Catman Wall Art Whitstable high street Kent England

So as you know, street art does fade and gets washed away, so see it while you can. 

I invite you to challenge yourself and enjoy a free activity while trying to find as many graffiti arts by Catman as possible.

16. Whitstable Theater

Located on High street, this theater serves as the home for the Lindley Players. They are an amateur group that has been performing in Whitstable since the end of World War II. 

Formerly, Whitstable theater was a church. However, after the place underwent a drastic change, it became a theater and opened in 1982.

Additionally, Whitstable theater has a beautiful auditorium that welcomes approximately 200 people. The place also has a balcony and a lower level.

Whitstable Theatre

Nowadays, Whitstable theater hosts almost everything from musical comedies, Shakespeare’s dramas to modern pantomimes.

The place also houses screen movies, concerts, stand-ups and comedy shows. Furthermore, Whitstable theater prides itself for being an inclusive society with a wide demographic and large membership.

17. Visit the St Alphege Church

Built in the 1840s to hold hundreds of Parishioners, St. Alphege Church is a lovely Victorian edifice. In the 1860s, a West gallery was added to extend the seating accommodation of the place.

Additionally, the church’s architecture is worth admiring. It still has its original decalogue and lord’s prayer on display.

St Alphege Church

Above the latter, you will find three paintings including a vision of St. Alphege martyrdom. Nowadays, the church serves as a commemorative spot for St. Alphege.

Moreover, a screen inside the church made by local artist Sonia McNally will help you understand St. Alphege’s history and martyrdom.

18. Visit Foresters’ Hall

This tourist attraction is held by a friendly society established in 1834 for financial products before the introduction of banks and the welfare state. Foresters’ Hall is one of Whitstable’s gems.

It is a part of the city’s Museum that houses its main collection. Over the years, the hall served as the local headquarters of the foresters’ order.

Forester's Hall Whitstable

For many years, the foresters shared their hall with the general public. Additionally, this hall holds a historical significance for the local community.

It is in this exact place that the first meeting of the Whitstable Urban District Council was held. Nowadays, the hall is leased to the British Legion but is opened to the general public.

19. Watch the Sunset at West Beach

This is undoubtedly a must-do activity in Whitstable. Just head to West Beach and sit there to enjoy a memorable sunset. Additionally, West Beach has numerous photogenic places.

Therefore, before the sunset, don’t hesitate to take a walk around the place and snap a few pictures that will undoubtedly make your friends jealous.

Sunset at West Beach Whitstable

You can also collect shells, colored stones and Pebbles. Furthermore, you can enjoy a tasty soft or alcoholic drink at the West Beach Cafe while waiting for the sunset.

Also, during summer, you can bring your pets as there are no dog restrictions during that period.

20. The Wetherspoon

It will be a shame to finish the list of things to do in Whitstable without mentioning Wetherspoon.

It is a beautiful place that holds the name of the local star Peter Cushing. Formerly, Whitstable Wetherspoon was a cinema before being converted to a pub.

When you visit the place, you can still feel the Art Deco Interior old cinema vibes with ancient movie posters on the walls and the stained glass windows at the top.

Additionally, inside the place’s ceiling, you’ll find images of the late Peter Cushing.

The Wetherspoon Whitstable

Furthermore, Whitstable Wetherspoon serves tasty British cuisine and has an outside area to sit in the sun and a separate outside smoking area.

However, if you have a car or a van, keep in mind that parking isn’t free. Moreover, Peter Cushing Wetherspoon has a great table service and numerous visitors believe that it is much better than the one in London.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know what to do in the Kent region. I hope this guide helped you plan for your future tourist activities in Whitstable.

Please, don’t hesitate to let me know about your experience there and favorite attractions. I look forward to reading your comments.

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