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Seven Sisters Cliffs walk – The complete guide

Located in Sussex – England, the Seven Sisters Cliffs never cease to amaze local and foreign visitors. This wonderful place is one of the most recommended for walking in the UK thanks to its panoramic landscapes and its ecosystem.

7 sisters walk

Be ready for an unparalleled adventure in one of England’s most green and magical places! So are you up for it? If so, here’s everything you need to know about the Seven Sisters Cliffs walk.

How to get to Seven Sisters Cliffs from London?

There are three ways to get to Seven Sisters Cliffs walk. To make things easier for you, I share with you the pros and cons of each method:

Method Advantages Disadvantages

Train (London to Seaford) and back.

1. Short time to arrive at destination: 1h20-2h00.

2. Affordable prices: 17 up to 50 £.

Sceneries: by taking this option, you will miss numerous amazing views. You will also have to come back to Seaford to leave for London.


1. Freedom: you will be able to travel at your own

2. Affordable prices: 10 up to 15 £ for petrol.

Time management: you will have to leave your car in one place and go back to it.

Train from London to Seaford and Eastbourne to London (Recommended

Panoramic views: you will have the opportunity to see the cliffs and enjoy Eastbourne at the end of the day. Additionally, it takes just a little less than 4 hours from Hope Gap to Eastbourne.

A little More expensive option: on your way to Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk, you will have to buy two tickets since Seaford and Eastbourne aren’t on the same train line.

Which equipment do you need to do the Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk?

A good pair of hiking shoes (Comfort is key in this trip); Power Bank (you really don’t want to run out of battery); Water (to hydrate yourself); A good camera or phone for pictures (it will be a shame to not take some lasting memories of your trip); A winter jacket (Be careful it can be very windy).

Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk Highlights

1. Hope Gap

There was no better way to start my Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk than by visiting Hope Gap. It is the ideal place for geology and calm lovers like me. Once I arrived, I was amazed by the concrete steps extending to the beach. 

Additionally, on my way, I found fossils and a hard ground composed of iron-stained white chalk. Furthermore, It is at Hope Gap that you will get your first glimpse of the notorious Seven Sisters Cliffs.

2. Cuckmere Haven

Once you have discovered Hope Gap, head to Cuckmere Haven. Located on a floodplain region, Cuckmere Haven has meandered since the Ice Age. Additionally, I was delighted by the rich history of the place. According to experts, the first occupant was a prehistoric man.

seven sisters cliffs walk - Cuckmere Haven

Also, Cuckmere Haven was a battlefield in numerous wars, especially against German invaders. Do you need proof? Then admire the pill jars in the valley. 

The local population built them to repel the enemies. Furthermore, Cuckmere Haven hosts an important ecosystem in the United Kingdom. The place is renowned for its salt marsh that is covered by the tides. 

This natural phenomenon gave rise to a slowly increasing mud level, resulting in transforming the place into a natural habitat for fleshy green samphire, sea spurrey, red fescue, and numerous other plants.

3. Seven Sisters Cliffs

After a short break at Cuckmere Haven, it was finally time for me to witness the greatness of the famous Seven Sisters Cliffs. This natural gem got its name from the ancient Seven Hills.

seven sisters cliffs

However, today there are only eight of them due to erosion. I also invite you to explore the Seven Sisters Cliffs Park. This natural blessing is set in a rural valley and covers 280 hectares. 

Additionally, it hosts a variety of wildlife and amazing views. If you want to know everything about the place, I suggest you head to the visitor center. There, you will be able to know more about the Park’s history and Ecosystem. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to take your best Instagram shots next to the White Cliffs. 

It served as a filming location in numerous movies including Robin Hood and Atonement. You will undoubtedly make your friends pretty jealous of you!

4. Brass Point

Brass Point is one of the best highlights in this walk. It is one of the seven cliffs and offers panoramic views. Additionally, Brass Point serves as a testimony to the power of mother nature. It is proof of the erosive power of wave action.

seven sisters cliffs walk - Brass Point

At the top of the cliff, you enjoy a beautiful view of the sea. Furthermore, if you head to the bottom of Brass Point, you will be able to explore its incredible caves. So don’t miss it out!

5. The William Charles Campbell Monument

The William Charles Campbell Monument is another important stop during my Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk. For those of you who don’t know who Sir. William Charles Campbell is, you must know that he represents English loyalty, gallantry, and fearless spirit. 

As a member of the Royal Flying Corps, Sir. Campbell is an iconic figure. He scored twenty-three victories flying Nieuport scouts in just three months. Furthermore, Sir. William Charles Campbell legend didn’t stop there. 

He burned to the ground an enemy balloon and returned to English lines under heavy fire shots. Additionally, he proved himself as a world-class scout leader by destroying twelve hostile machines and taking part in numerous battles. 

Today, the Monument located on Flagstaff Point, Seven Sisters is an appreciation of Mr. Campbell’s courage, devotion, and generosity.

6. National Trust Birling

The sixth stop during this walk is the National Trust Birling. It offered me an enjoyable view of the most easterly cliff (Went Hill Brow). It is also at the National Trust Birling where you can find family facilities and easy access to the beach for disabled visitors. 

Furthermore, the National Trust Birling is a good place to look for chalk falls and fossils. So don’t hesitate to stop for a drink at the Birling Gap Café and admire loads of stones by walking down the beach’s stairs.

7. Belle Tout Lighthouse

The Belle Tout Lighthouse has stood proudly in the Sussex region since 1832. Formerly a lighthouse, today this place serves as a tea house. However, I must mention that Belle Tout Lighthouse was almost destroyed during World War II. 

Thankfully, it was restored as a family house for the movie “The Life and Loves of a She-Devil”. In 1999, Belle Tout Lighthouse moved from the eroding cliff. 

After some renovations in the early 2000s, Belle Tout Lighthouse opened its doors as a unique stop on the Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk.

8. Beachy Head Lighthouse

Beachy Head is another lighthouse worth visiting during the Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk. Built in 1902, this emblematic place was managed by the Trinity house until 1976. For over 80 years, 3 guards maintained the lighthouse’s white flashes to help English and Foreign boats navigate.

seven sisters cliffs walk - Beachy Head Lighthouse

In 1983, the government automated Beachy Head Lighthouse, and eventually, the guards were removed from their duty. However, until today, once you’re close to the Beachy Head Lighthouse, you can hear an eerie howling and windy sound that makes it hard for you to stand up. 

It is proof of the hardship encountered by the Beachy Head Lighthouse’s guards. Additionally, since 2010, Beach Head Lighthouse has been on the list of the UK Monuments Grade II.

9. The Beachy Head Pub for Lunch

After exploring the lighthouse, I invite you to do the same as me and take a well-deserved break and lunch at the Beach Head Pub. In the XIX Century, this place served as the Queen’s Restaurant and hotel.

seven sisters cliffs walk - The Beachy Head Pub

During the period of World World II, Beachy Head Pub served only onions and mince. Nowadays, the Pub offers an appetizing and broad menu (wine, gin, spring dishes, cask ales, etc.). 

As far as I’m concerned, Beachy Head Pub is an important stop. Why? Well, imagine enjoying delicious food and tasty drinks while looking at the English Channel and Belle Tout Lighthouse. 

Still not up for it? Well, Beachy Head Pub is a dog-friendly place and has numerous mesmerizing gardens and crackling log fires.

10. Bullock Down Farm

After my lunch pause at the Beachy Head Pub, it was time to continue my adventure. This time, I visited Bullock Down Farm. It is an area located in the countryside.

seven sisters cliffs walk - seven sisters cliffs walk - Bullock Down Farm

Bullock Down Farm is a great opportunity to see cows, sheep, and lambs. Additionally, the place served as a research area for historians and biologists. 

It is because Bullock Down Farm hosts an amazing ecosystem. Furthermore, ancient hand and metal tools have been found on the farm.

11. RAF Bomber Command Memorial

The RAF Bomber Command is another memorial to explore during your Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk. The Memorial is managed by the RAF Benevolent Fund.

seven sisters cliffs walk - RAF Bomber Command Memorial

The place was built as a tribute to more than 55.000 Bomber Command people who died during World War II. Additionally, RAF Bomber Command Memorial serves as a testimony for the English aircrew’s courage and sacrifices. 

Furthermore, at the center of the memorial, you will find bronze sculptures representing a Bomber Command aircrew. I must admit that I was highly impressed by the way the sculptures were built. It was done in a way to allow light to fall directly onto them. 

The aim is to make visitors always see the sculptures’ profile against the sky, therefore, using it as a powerful symbol for the memorial.

12. Beachy Head Ringing Station

From the Beachy RAF Bomber Command Memorial, I suggest you head to Eastbourne. However, before hitting the road, I suggest you stop at Beachy Head Ringing Station.

seven sisters cliffs walk - arriving to Eastbourne

According to the statistics, it rang more than 180.000 birds at an average pace of 40 per day. Additionally, I invite you to enjoy the football field along the cliff edge just before arriving at Eastbourne. 

Once you arrive at your final destination, don’t hesitate to explore the city’s Pier, a prime example of Victorian architecture. Furthermore, the place hosts several Cafes, Shops, Bars, Nightclubs. I also suggest you don’t miss Eastbourne Harbor. 

It is an incredible place to admire yachts and explore the local beaches.

13. End your long walk by having something to eat at the Kiosk

There is no better way to end your Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk than eating at the Eastbourne Kiosk. Why should you do it? It has the best price/quality link and offers a wide range of delicious dishes.

seven sisters cliffs walk - The Kiosk Eastbourne

Be ready to enjoy tasty salads, freshly cooked cakes, sandwich baguettes, and fantastic coffees. Additionally, the Kiosk’s staff are all incredibly friendly and polite.

Final Thoughts

The Seven Sisters Cliffs Walk was undoubtedly an amazing adventure for me. Not only did it help me visit a beautiful natural area in England, but it also allowed me to get a much-needed fresh air break. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide as much as I did while writing it and remembering all the beautiful memories about this adventure. 

Please, let me know what is your favorite highlight concerning the Walk. I look forward to reading your comments!

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