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Visit the lovely Holland Park in London

This public park, which is flanked by opulent Victorian residences and free to enter, is pleasant year-round.

Welcome to Holland Park Panel - London

A 22 acre park in central west London’s district of Kensington and Chelsea, Holland Park is regarded as one of the city’s most quiet and romantic green spaces. 

The park slightly descends south, giving visitors a commanding view of London’s roofs.

How to get to Holland Park London on public Transport (Train, Bus and underground)?

You have multiple options to reach Holland Park if you are using Public transport as the park is surrounded by train stations: 

By Underground: The nearest tube station is Holland Park on the Central line located on the north side of the park. You can also come from High Street Kensington Tube station (on the district line) or walk from Kensington Olympia Tube station located near the west side of the park.

Holland Park Map - London

By Bus: Several bus lines have stops close to the park including the lines 94, 31, 27 and 148. I recommend to download the TFL GO APP (Journey planner) to find the best route to the park.  

By Train: Should you commute to London from outside, my recommendation would be to first get to either Paddington, Shepherd’s Bush or Notting Hill Gate stations and then take a bus or a tube to Holland Park.  

What is the best time to visit Holland Park London?

There is never a bad time to visit the park because it is open all year round. But various seasons provide various sensations. 

When the leaves on the trees change colour in autumn, it creates a lovely setting for a stroll in the park. A visit might be very enjoyable around this time, especially for photography enthusiasts.

Opera Holland Park - London

Another wonderful time to go is in the spring if you want to view the flowers in bloom. The Japanese Garden and the Bluebell Wood are just two of the park’s stunning floral beds.

Summertime can be your ideal visit season if you like warm weather and outdoor activities. In addition to a children’s playground and a petting zoo, the park features a number of sporting amenities, such as a tennis court and a cricket field.

I do not recommend to visit the park on a rainy day, as this will limit your possibility of exploring the park and enjoying outdoor activities.

How long to visit Holland Park London for?

The length of your visit to the park will mostly rely on your interests and the amount of time you have. Some visitors may be able to see everything in a short amount of time, while others may wish to spend the entire day taking in all the park has to offer.

Man walking sculpture at Holland Park London

If you don’t have much time, you might want to concentrate on the parts of the park that most interest you; if you do, you can take your time and stroll around it slowly. 

The duration of your visit of Holland Park ultimately depends on your schedule and personal preferences.

I personally recommend to stay around 3 hours. This will be more than enough to explore the park properly.

What animals can be found at Holland Park?

A wide range of creatures, including birds, squirrels, and other small mammals call Holland Park home.

You can come across numerous bird species, including robins, sparrows, blackbirds, and thrushes. You can also find Insects and other butterflies in the gardens.

The park is home to many grey squirrels, and you could also see foxes and rabbits among other small species.

Holland Park highlights

1) Kyoto garden

The garden, a serene haven away from the bustle of the city, was given as a gift by the Kyoto Chamber of Commerce of Japan in 1991 to the London council. 

The garden was created in the traditional Japanese manner, with a number of features and components drawn from Japanese landscape and culture. 

There is also a Koi pond, a variety of Japanese plants and flowers, a traditional Japanese teahouse, and stone lanterns and a waterfall. A bronze figure of the Buddha is one of several outdoor sculptures that can be seen in the garden.

The Kyoto Garden panel - Holland Park London
Bamboo Fence - Kyoto Garden - Holland Park London
Fish pond - Kyoto Garden - Holland Park London
Fountain with coins - Kyoto Garden - Holland Park London
Fish pond and waterfall - Kyoto Garden - Holland Park London

The serene ambiance of the Kyoto Garden is one of its best features; it is ideal for reflection and relaxation. 

You may stroll through the twisting trails and discover the numerous plants and flowers, or they can relax on the wooden benches and take in the calming murmur of the pond’s water.

The garden offers a variety of gorgeous backdrops and compositions, making it a fantastic location for photography. If you wish to experience a small taste of Japan in London, you should visit the Kyoto Garden.

2) Tortoises with Triangle and Time

Unique and striking, the sculpture “Tortoises with Triangle and Time” is located in the north west corner of the park. A collection of bronze tortoises with recognisable triangle-shaped markings on their shells make up the sculpture. 

The sculpture is an appropriate homage to the lengthy life span of tortoises because the triangle is seen as a symbol of time and longevity.

Turtoises with Triangle and Time - Holland Park London

The artwork, which is housed in a sizable enclosure in the park, is a well-liked landmark of the park. The tortoises are seen in a range of positions, from lazing in the sun to exploring their surroundings.

Tortoises with Triangle and Time is an original and fascinating addition to Holland Park. This sculpture is definitely worth a visit.

3) The Lord Holland Memorial

Henry Richard Fox, 3rd Baron Holland was a British nobleman and politician, and the sculpture was built as a tribute to him.

Within the park, the Lord Holland Memorial is situated in a beautiful and calm area bordered by a variety of trees and plants. It is a bronze sculpture, who is shown sitting on a bench and appearing to be deep in concentration.

Statue at Dutch Garden - Holland Park London

His head is resting on his hand. Because of the sculpture’s life-size proportions and meticulous detailing, Lord Holland is accurately and dramatically portrayed.

4) Sculptural “Tonda”

The bronze sculpture is situated in the formal Italian Garden of the park. It is a contemporary and abstract sculpture.

The sculpture depicts a human figure in a highly stylized and abstract manner, with swooping lines and curves that allude to motion and energy. It stands tall and strong atop a pedestal, commanding attention and catching the eye.

It is a beautiful and distinctive addition to Holland Park’s scenery. The sculpture is a proof of modern art’s continuing appeal and its capacity to pique curiosity and provoke thought for visitors.

5) Chess playground Holland Park

The park’s children’s area has a playground that offers visitors a fun and engaging way to enjoy the great outdoors. Visitors of all ages like spending time at the chess playground.

A huge chessboard serves as the centrepiece of the chess playground. A variety of chess pieces that are also constructed of sturdy materials and appropriate for outdoor usage surround the chessboard. 

Chess is a popular game, and playing chess in the park on a beautiful afternoon is an excellent way to pass time.

6) Dahlia Garden

The Dahlia Garden is a stunning and vibrant garden that is well-liked by visitors. A variety of dahlia plants, which are prized for their eye-catching and vibrant blooms, can be found there.

Dutch Garden at Holland Park London

Anyone interested in Plants should visit the Dahlia Garden. In the summer, the garden is a riot of colour with a variety of dahlia types on display.

The blooms are a beautiful sight to behold and appear in a variety of hues, including red, orange, yellow, and pink.

7) The Pond & Fountain

A stunning and notable part of Holland Park is the Pond and Fountain landmark. Koi and goldfish are among the many fish that can be found in this pond.

A variety of Mediterranean plants and flowers surround the pond, creating a lovely and peaceful environment.

Pond and fountain at Holland Park London

A recognisable element of Holland Park’s landscape is the fountain in the pond. It is a sizable, elaborate fountain constructed of marble, with a variety of finely carved details.

Visitors frequently pause to snap pictures and enjoy the beauty of the fountain.

8) Holland Park Cafe

Visitors frequently stop at the Holland Park Cafe. The café serves a variety of food and beverages and is situated near the park’s sports area. 

After spending the day at the park, it’s a fantastic idea to stop by the café for a break and to refuel. Sandwiches, pastries, and other light snacks are available at the café along with a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Holland Park Café - Holland Park London

Additionally, there are outside seating spaces where guests may relax and take in the lovely surroundings while sipping their drinks.

Final Thoughts

This unusual park is a refuge of peace and tranquilly, leaving at its gates the busy activity of a city centre in constant motion and providing its guests with a welcome reprieve of greenery.

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