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A unique Hike in Box Hill Surrey

Located 31km south-west of London, Box Hill Surrey Hike is a must-do activity in England, UK. 

The British summit is not hard to find and has plenty of parking places. Box Hill has lots of green spaces and is a famous spot for cyclists and people looking for a nice walk in the middle of the forest. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of things to see around the summit. Moreover, once you reach the top of Box Hill, you’ll have a panoramic view of Dorking, Surrey.

Box Hill Viewing point

How to reach Box Hill from London Waterloo Station?

The two most ideal transportation methods to reach Box Hill are either by car or by train.

  • Car: If you take the first option you’ll have to take the A3 then switch to the A243 at Hook Road until you reach your destination. It is an 1h and 30 minutes drive.
  • Train: In case you opt for the second transportation method, buy a train ticket for Box Hill & Westhumble station. The trip lasts approximately 45 minutes and costs starting at £9 for a one way ticket and £19.40 for a return ticket.

What to look for

1) Donkey Green and Viewpoint

Located north of the Salomons Memorial, Donkey Green is one of the best places to visit in Box Hill. In Edwardian times, youngsters used to enjoy donkey rides, which gave Donkey Green its current name. 

Donkey Green, Box Hill Surrey

However, this practice ceased after World War II. Nowadays, the Donkey Green Viewpoint commemorates Leopold Salomons, a famous, lovely, and generous businessman, and philanthropist. 

After earning his fortune, Leopold bought 93 ha of Box Hill to protect it from urban development. Later, he donated it to the National Trust to ensure its preservation “forever, for everyone”

By doing so, Leopold and the National Trust transformed Box Hill into the UK’s first country park.

2) The view from Lodge Hill

Home to the rare chalk downland species, the view from Lodge Hill is another must-see place in Surrey. This spot takes you down into the valley and back up again. It is also very famous among hikers and its trail is accessible all year round. 

I must admit that the view almost rivals the viewpoint. It gives you the opportunity to admire Denbies Vineyard and the town of Dorking.

3) Broadwood Tower

This beautiful ancient tower is located east of the village of Westhumble in Surrey County, on the crest of Lodge Hill. It was built by Thomas Broadwood who is also the former owner of Juniper Hall.

Broadwood Tower, Box Hill Surrey

In the past, Broadwood Tower was used as a lookout spot. Nowadays, it is part of the Box Hill estate and serves as a memorial for the Broadwood family.

4) Mickleham Village

Located near the foot of Box Hill, this lovely village dates back to the Saxon era. Mickleham is famous for its historic center and serving as a home for numerous French exiles during the country’s revolution.

Mickelham Village, Box Hill Surrey

It is also known for its beautiful church remodeled during the Norman and Victorian times.

5) Stane Street

Stretching over 91km-long, this Roman road links Chichester and London. It is uncertain when Stane Street was built, however, historians retrace its construction to the first decade of the Roman occupation of Britain.

Stane Street Box Hill Hike

This road is an important jewel for archeology lovers as it shows how the Romans used to build their roads. Stane Street is also important because it was used to carry lots of civilian and military traffic through modern Surrey county.

6) Headley Heath

This place is a great wild area with walks of varied length. It is also one of the few spots where alkaline and acidic can be seen growing together, which creates a rich regional ecosystem. 

In the past, Headley Health has served as a Canadian Army training ground. Moreover, there are several trails for hiking lovers to discover. Some are a little bit hilly while others narrow down.

Headley Heath Box Hill Surrey

There are several different trails you can walk here, and all are so nice, it can be a little hilly in places and narrow down some of the trails. 

Furthermore, if you’re visiting the area in your car, know that there are 2 main car parks. So, you shouldn’t have any problem finding your spot.

How long does it take to do a hike in Box Hill Surrey?

Now let’s dive straight into the famous Box Hill Surrey Hike. The first thing to know is that it is a challenging circular hike. It stretches over 8 miles long and takes 4 hours to complete on average.

Rest during Box Hill Hike Surrey

However, I suggest you give yourself more time to rest along the way and recover your energy. Furthermore, wooden posts and waymakers mark Box Hill Hike to make it easy for you. 

Nonetheless, the ground is rough in numerous places and is composed of steep slopes and slippery paths. Also, Box Hill Surrey Hike offers numerous scenic views including Donkey and Mickleham village, Lodge Hill, and Broadwood’s Tower.

How to dress for the Box Hill walk?

The Box Hill Surrey Hike isn’t an easy one to do, so you must be very well prepared for what is to come. 

During winter, I suggest bringing:

  • Beanie;
  • Earmuffs;
  • Neck gaiter or scarf;
  • Polarized sunglasses (in case there is bright white snow);
  • Winter waterproof jacket,
  • Base Layer;
  • Gloves;
  • Insulated water bottle;
  • Hiking pants;
  • Winter hiking boots and footwear.

During summer, I suggest bringing:

  • Sunglasses;
  • Cotton T-shirt;
  • Sport short;
  • Summer hiking shoes;
  • Absorbent pair of socks.

I also advise you to grab something to eat and water/other drinks before you start your walk!

Box Hill Surrey Weather

The region rarely experiences very extreme weather meaning it can be visited throughout the year. The hottest month in Box Hill is July and the coldest month is January. 

As for rainfall, it falls fairly evenly throughout the year with July being the driest month and October the wettest.

Additionally, Box Hill may experience some snowfall in the winter. Concerning the average temperature and monthly precipitation, they are as follows:

  1. Average Temperature high: 14.6°C (58.3°F).
  2. Average Temperature low: 6.1°C (43.0°F).
  3. Average Monthly Precipitation: 53.92 (mm).

Now, what is the best season for a Box Hill Surrey Hike?

The best time to visit Box Hill and hike there is in Spring. During this period, the climate is milder and the weather is fresh and not too dry with average temperatures between 10°C and 17°C.

Box Hill Surrey Hike Itinerary

So from where should you start your hike and where to go?

  • Start your Box Hill Surrey Hike from the summit’s café, then head to the woods in the opposite direction of the view. Afterward, take the left fork and go straight through the forest until you reach Lodge Hill. You’ll recognize the place because you’ll see a view opening up on your left.
Box Hill Hike Start of the trail
  • After this, continue your hike towards Broadwood’s Tower and go right by following the road leading to the downhill. Then, walk down the steps to the track at the bottom of the valley and turn left until you reach Whilechill Car Park.
Box Hill Hike Surrey
  • Now cross the parking lot and climb the steps until you see Mickleham village. At this point, the trail curves to the right, and then to the left. As the path forks, go left and straight over the crossroads. 
  • Then, head left downhill, cross the stile and go along the surfaced path. How will you recognize it? You’ll see the churchyard on your right. Now, you can take a break and discover Mickleham village and its ancient church.
  • After exploring Mickleham, continue your Box Hill Hike by heading through the waymarked double gate and crossing the churchyard. From there, just follow the trail with the wooden fence. You’ll find it on your left side.
  • Cross the road and take the road right in front of you until you reach the corner of the field, then, go right until you see the park. From this point, just follow the surfaced trail that passes through St.Michael’s School on your right side. Afterward, you’ll find a T-junction, turn right and go uphill.
Box Hill Walk Surrey
  • At this step, you’ll find a pub, after it, you’ll see steps. Climb them and go straight over the crossroads and continue steeply uphill until the fork. Take the right-hand road and continue across Stane Street, the ancient Roman road.
  • Now, you’ll find yourself in a grassy open area, known as Mickleham Gallops. Continue on the same path and turn left onto the gallops. At the end of the grassy road, follow a chalky path, then, take the right-hand turn heading downhill.
North Downs way Box Hill Surrey
  • At the bottom of the valley, cross the road and take the track to the left of the cottage. Afterward, continue straight up until you find an old wall on your right. From this point, continue straight on and enter Headley Heath through gate N° 26. Follow the road, take the right at the T-junction and continue along this road. Then, climb the steps on your right side until you reach the crossroads, then continue straight on the grassy track uphill. At this point, you’ll find a left fork, all you have to do is to take its wide grassy road.
Box Hill trail Surrey
  • At this step, you’ll see a five-way crossroads, take the second exit available at your right side. Go straight on at the crossroads, then, continue on the path towards downhill. At this moment, the trail dips into the valley, then curves uphill. Take the left fork until and go through gate N° 23, then turn left. Afterward, take the right-hand fork and continue until you reach the main path.
  • Take the footpath in front of you and continue on the path taking you downhill. Turn right until you see a set of steps, then, take the left fork. Continue along this trail, crossing the stile into Dukes Meadow, then, take the road along the bottom of the meadow.
Box Hill trail Surrey, England
  • Now you reach the last step of the Box Hill Surrey Hike. All you have to do is go through the gate and continue your hike along the track. Afterward, take a left turn before the metal gate and follow it between the hedge and fence. Then, go left at the crossroads and take the path on your right, heading uphill.
  •  At this point, take the left road and enter the gate until the path forks again, then take the right path heading uphill. You’ll see a stony path leading up the hill, take it and once you meet the path at the top, turn right. Continue on this road until you reach the Viewpoint and the café.

King William IV Pub

Located 25 yards up Byttom Hill and on the finishing end of the Box Hill Surrey Hike, this pub is a must-visit! It is open Wednesday through Sunday and offers fantastic views of the region. In this place, there is something for everyone. Even if you’re a Vegetarian, you’ll find nutritious and tasty meals suitable for your lifestyle.

The King William IV Pub, Box Hill Surrey

Even if you’re a Vegetarian, you’ll find nutritious and tasty meals suitable for your lifestyle. Also, if you’re lucky enough you may have the opportunity to be present during one of the King William IV pub’s vibrant events. 

So don’t miss the chance to enjoy a well-deserved delicious meal after your Box Hill Surrey Hike in one of the coziest pubs in England!

Final Thoughts

Box Hill Surrey Hike is a must-do thing near London. It not only offers you the chance to discover the British natural beauty but also reconnects with mother nature and learn more about the local history. 

This walk is also a great opportunity to exercise, enjoy scenic views and discover rare habitats. I hope you’ll have a great time hiking in Box Hill and I look forward to reading your comments and learning about your experiences!

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