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Reffen Copenhagen: Where Culture, Creativity, and Cuisine Collide

Don’t miss Reffen, the largest food truck square in the Nordic nations, if you visit the capital city of Denmark.

It is a location where the remains of the maritime industry are concentrated: a sizable hangar, a sizable parking area, rusted containers. An extremely subterranean location called Reffen has been built in the center of this urban flora.

Reffen, Copenhagen

Shops, food trucks serving anything from finger foods to fast food, cocktail bars, wine bars, and a skate park are all spread out over 6000 m2. 

You can choose to sit inside at enormous tables and benches illuminated by candles or outside on deckchairs that are made available to customers at no cost.

Reffen Copenhagen street Food

You might already be aware that Copenhagen has a fantastic culinary culture if you’ve done your homework. 

It is most likely one of Northern Europe’s top culinary centers. Therefore, Copenhagen is undoubtedly the place to go if you enjoy eating and trying new specialties and treats.

Street food is a distinct culinary tradition that has existed in Copenhagen for a long time. Reffen is the name of one of the numerous new urban eating establishments. 

After the rapid growth of the neighbouring Paper Island (street food), which was replaced by Reffen, Reffen was founded and inaugurated in May 2018. 

People eating food on tables at Reffen Copenhagen

The street food market is situated in Copenhagen’s industrial Refshaleøen , a well-liked location for numerous beginning booths selling food, crafts, and a variety of workshops. 

Reffen’s enormous dining area, which is 6000 square meters in size and has a stunning view of Copenhagen’s waterfront, is a great spot to unwind.

People photographed at Reffen Copenhagen

Once there, explore the area to find the numerous vendors and wonderful culinary options available. The Asian vegan stall Ramsløg, where you can get delicious parmesan fries, is among my faves. another specialty Italian stall is Street Polenta. 

Get a one-way ticket to this culinary haven if you’ve never had food from Nepal, Cambodia, Jamaica, or Central Africa.

Kurdistan food at Reffen Copenhagen

You may sample virtually every meal in the world while you’re in Reffen. In addition to creating an ecological food zone, this location was established to provide visitors the chance to explore the differences in cultural cuisine. 

Reffen’s slogan is “reduce and reuse,” and food vendors are urged to utilize organic materials, compost food waste, local produce, and recycling wherever possible.

A kid on a scooter at Reffen Copenhagen

The food booths themselves are likewise environmentally conscious and recycled. Reffen is primarily constructed of recycled materials, and the food stands are constructed of former ship containers that are no longer in use.

Please be aware that Reffen only accepts credit cards as payment. Cash is not accepted. This shouldn’t surprise you if you’ve traveled to Denmark previously. A prepaid card is always available, and you may top it out with cash at the building’s entry.

Where is Reffen located?

I believe that the journey to Reffen itself is an experience. You may go to Refshaleøen by car or canal boat, but I strongly advise you to bike there instead. In Copenhagen, renting a bike is a simple and quick process. 

You can cycle to Reffen from Nyhavn in around 15 minutes by using the renowned “highway” of Copenhagen. Because it is not an automobile route, it is becoming more and more well-known on a global scale.

With a view of Copenhagen’s picturesque harbour, Reffen is unquestionably the best spot to relax when the weather is fine, get a bite to eat or perhaps a drink without breaking the bank.Please be aware that the Reffen site will return in April after being shuttered for the winter.


Mikkeller Reffen Copenhagen

Don’t miss the Mikkeller Baghaven brewery, a haven for beer aficionados, which is right close to Reffen.

Refffen Food Market Opening Times

The market is open every day from Monday to Thursday from 10AM to 10PM (same for Sundays) and from 10AM to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Reffen Address: Reffen, Refshalevej 167A, 1432 København

Final Thoughts

Under no circumstances should you miss this location, it is THE spot! Street food is the focus of Copenhagen Street Food – Reffen, which is situated in the city’s Refshaleøen industrial district and faces the port. 

There are at least 50 food trucks, restaurants, and small stores in all in this sizable open-air market where you go to unwind in a peaceful environment.

Food in Reffen Copenhagen
  1. If you want to eat without spending a lot of money, it is also an excellent strategy. I’ll visit this shrine of street food one last time to appreciate its sustainability principles. 

Every stand adheres to the “Reduce & Reuse” philosophy. They utilize biodegradable tableware, cook with organic and/or locally sourced ingredients, and are mindful of minimizing food waste.

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