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Amager Strandpark: Copenhagen’s Urban Oasis

A hidden gem that offers the ideal fusion of urban charm and natural beauty may be found nestled along the scenic shoreline of Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. 

I cordially invite you to the vast beach park known as Amager Strandpark, which spans the entire island of Amager. 

Amager Strandpark offers a wide range of activities, whether you want to spend a leisurely day by the ocean, participate in thrilling water sports, or simply experience the local way of life. 

Come along on a journey with me as we discover the beauties of this alluring location.

Cycling path at Amager Strandpark Copenhagen

This large island is accessible through three small bridges. The (artificial) beach and the dunes are at the very end. Copenhagen’s “beach,” built in the 1930s, had been abandoned since the sand had been carried away by the currents. 

The location had a significant renovation in the early 2000s. There is a 2 km long manmade “island” that serves as the boundary of a sort of lagoon that is surrounded by 5 km of beaches. It’s challenging to find a spot to lay your towel in the summer!

How to get to Amager Strandpark?

On Public Transport

The most convenient way on public transport is to take the Metro O2 (Yellow line) from the city center until Amager Strand and walk just over 10 minutes to the beach. An alternative would be to take the bus 2A from various locations in the city center. 


For me the best way to get to this beach, and it is the favourite way used by locals. From Nyhavn, it will take you just under 30 minutes to get there. I advise to use a navigation system like Google maps to avoid being lost in the multiple roads. 

A cab or Uber

Getting there by taxi will cost you about £30 and the commute will take about 15 minutes.

What makes Amager Strandpark such a unique place?

In the next few lines, I will detail why this location is a must do when you visit the danish capital:

Adventure-seeking Activities

Amager Strandpark provides a wide range of thrilling activities. Due to its favorable wind conditions and shallow seas, the park is a refuge for windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Take part in an amazing water sport activity and master the waves. There are several courses and rental stores where you may get the basics if you’re new to these hobbies.

Water sport activities at Amager Strandpark Copenhagen

Although many beaches provide water sports activities, Amager Strandpark is recognized for its ideal windsurfing and kitesurfing conditions. 

The park is a favored destination for both amateurs and experts due to its location near the resund Strait, which offers dependable winds and shallow seas. 

Amager Strandpark provides a thrilling experience unlike any other, whether you’re an experienced water sports enthusiast or a novice eager to learn.

Trails for jogging and cycling

Amager Strandpark offers a vast network of running and cycling pathways that weave through beautiful scenery for outdoor lovers. Take a bike that you may rent and ride along the coast while taking in the stunning scenery. 

You’ll come across beautiful green meadows, dunes, and even a wildlife refuge as you walk through the park’s trails. It’s a wonderful chance to be active while being surrounded by nature.

The Beach Experience

As soon as you set foot on Amager Strandpark’s immaculate sandy sands, peace will overtake you. There is plenty of room to find your own little paradise with over 4.6 kilometers of beach to explore.

Feminine handball teams playing at Amager Strandpark

Take a relaxing beach nap on a soft beach towel, enjoy the warm sand under your toes, and cool yourself in the resund Strait’s crystalline waters. It’s the ideal place to relax and take in the sun’s rays.

A variety of Natural Landscapes

Amager Strandpark is home to a variety of different natural landscapes. The park offers a rich tapestry of natural beauty, from the soft sandy beaches that run along the coast to the undulating dunes and verdant meadows.

Jetty at Amager Strandpark Copenhagen

Visitors are enthralled by the aesthetically magnificent setting that is created by the contrast between the shimmering water and the thick flora.

Picnics and barbecues

Bringing a picnic basket stocked with regional treats is one of the most fun ways to see Amager Strandpark. Find a comfortable position on the park’s designated grilling grounds or in the shade of a tree. 

Enjoy the delights of Danish food while admiring the lovely surroundings with friends and family. It’s the ideal atmosphere for enjoying joyful moments and for making enduring memories.

Accessibility and Sustainability

Amager Strandpark’s accessibility and dedication to sustainability are two further distinctive features. Public transportation makes it simple for both locals and visitors to get to the park. 

The park also encourages eco-friendly behaviors, such as recycling and trash management programs, to maintain its natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.

Cultural integration

Amager Strandpark’s flawless cultural fusion with the community adds to its distinctiveness. The park holds a variety of cultural events, concerts, and festivals all year long, giving guests a lively environment.

Handball teams shaking hands at Amager Strandpark Copenhagen

As you stroll around the park, it’s not unusual to come across live musical performances, art exhibits, or food stalls. 

This cultural blend gives the whole experience more depth and personality and makes the trip feel more immersive.

Year-Round Appeal

Amager Strandpark has year-round appeal, in contrast to many beach locations that are most well-liked during the summer.

The park’s splendor is ever-present, whether you’re lounging in the sun on a hot summer day or enjoying a brisk walk down the shore in the chilly winter air.

The park becomes a tranquil refuge in the cooler months, providing a quiet haven away from the tourists.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Amager Strandpark’s distinctiveness resides in its capacity to skillfully combine a tranquil seaside setting with an urban setting.

Bridge by Amager Strandpark Copenhagen

Its extraordinary allure is a result of its varied landscapes, accessibility, dedication to sustainability, availability of water activities, blending of cultures, and year-round attractiveness. 

Visitors will develop lifelong memories and a strong appreciation for the peaceful cohabitation of nature and city life after discovering this hidden treasure in Copenhagen.

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