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Why you should visit Singapore

Top reasons why you should visit Singapore

A trip to Singapore is a mix between modernity, green spaces, and tradition. A city-state where every neighborhood is different and all styles blend. 

Singapore also attracts visitors with its unique history. Formerly, Singapore was part of Malaysia, but due to British colonization, the territory of Singapore was separated from Malaysia for more than 140 years. 

Sentosa Singapore

Meanwhile, Chinese investment has increased in Singapore, making it an important maritime trading center in Southeast Asia. In 1963, after independence from Malaysia, Singapore again joined Malaysia as part of the province of Johor. 

However, this renewal of relations was short-lived as the Malaysian government voted in 1965 to exclude Singapore from the country’s territory, making it the only state to become independent against its will. Today, Singapore is one of the most innovative and modern countries in the world!

Top 13 reasons why you should visit Singapore

1. Cultural Diversity

The first reason to make a trip to Singapore is undoubtedly its cultural diversity. The City-State is a golden opportunity to see one of the rare countries populated by numerous ethnic groups with overflowing ambitions. 

Singapore will allow you to meet people and religions who live peacefully together. Furthermore, Singaporean society is multi-ethnic, made up of Malays, Chinese, Indians, and other ethnicities.

Singapore Cultural diversity

The Chinese represent the majority of the Singaporean population with 75%. Followed by the Malays, the original inhabitants of the island; who now represent 14% of the local population. 

Then in the last place are the Indians with 7% and various small other ethnic groups with 4%. This cultural diversity of Singapore is also reflected in the religions present in the country.

Budha - Asian Civilization Museum Singapore

The majority of Malays are Muslims, Chinese are Buddhists or Taoists, while Indians are Hindus. Christianity is also a dynamic religion with 14% of the country’s population practicing this monotheistic religion. 

However, to ensure that freedom of worship is respected, the Singaporean state is secular. Lastly, Singapore’s cultural diversity is also seen in the number of its official languages: Malay, Tamil, English and Mandarin Chinese.

2. Green Spaces

Singapore is a country renowned for its ecological side and its many green spaces. You will even find buildings covered with plants. Furthermore, wherever you go in Singapore, you will be dazzled by the scent of flowers. Additionally, walks in the country’s parks will bring you peace and tranquility.

Green Spaces Singapore

Among the green spaces that I recommend you to visit: 

Southern Ridge: a nice green walk that will give you a great glimpse of the Singaporean canopy. During 9 km, you will be surrounded by trees, flowers, and birdsong. 

MacRitchie Reservoir Park: a natural haven that offers a real change of scenery in Singapore. Located a few miles from downtown, MacRitchie Reservoir Park is a rainforest that gives a great glimpse of the local vegetation. 

Gardens by the Bay: undoubtedly a must-see in Singapore for nature lovers. Gardens by the Bay is a huge park in the country that spans over 100 hectares and is distinguished by its futuristic artificial trees. I will talk about it furthermore in the next section.

3. Gardens by the Bay

Impossible to make a trip to Singapore without visiting the Gardens by the Bay. Open since 2012, the famous tourist place is a Singaporean ecological treasure. Worthy of a true science fiction movie, the famous Singaporean park is a garden system that combines urban and sustainable development.

Gardens by the bay Singapore

Additionally, Gardens by the Bay consist of 3 gardens:  Flower Dome, Cloud Forest and Bay South. The first spreads over 1.2 hectares, the second over 0.8 hectares while the third is the largest with nearly 54 hectares. 

Furthermore, Gardens by the Bay is home to an efficient ecological system thanks to its gigantic trees. It ensures the survival of more than 250,000 rare and endangered plant species.

4. Food

Singapore is the country of Asian gastronomy. In the City-State, you will find all the cuisines of the Asian continent, you just have to choose. The country’s food markets or food courts are a great reason to make a trip to Singapore.

Singaporean dish

They perfectly reflect the culinary diversity of this country. In these places, it is a real festival of flavors and tastes that occurs before your eyes. Thanks to the hawkers (street vendors) who sell their specialties, you will experience an unparalleled culinary experience. 

Be ready for heat, sounds of food grilling, simmering, roasting in frying pans. Add to all of that the hundreds of people ordering food.

5. Swim in the most elevated pool in the world

Sleeping at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is an experience to be had at least once in a lifetime. This spectacular hotel, with avant-garde architecture, stands out in Singapore’s Marina Bay. It is one of the icons of the City-State. 

With its three towers linked together by a huge terrace (the Skypark) on which you will find the world’s tallest infinity pool, Marina Bay Sands overlooks the historic heart of Singapore. 

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

By swimming in the most elevated pool in the world, you can cool off while enjoying a superb 360° view of all of Singapore. You can also have a drink or enjoy a good meal in one of the 3 restaurants located on the rooftop. 

Additionally, the Marina Bay Sands is practically a town on its own, it will make you want to stay there forever! This hotel complex has 2,561 rooms, a gigantic convention center, shops, a museum, two theaters, several casinos, a food court, a huge garden, and much more.

6. Visit the museums

Museums are a must-see activity in Singapore. The City-State is home to several museums that will not leave you indifferent. Among these, you will find the Museum of Art and Science. 

Built in 1865 with neoclassical style, this museum will allow you to discover the many Asian cultures that have helped to build Singapore.

Asian Civilizations Museum Singapore

It is a perfect illustration of the eccentricities of the country. Reproducing the atypical image of an open hand, its architecture seems to mock the laws of gravity. 

Additionally, don’t miss the Asian Civilizations Museum. The cultural establishment contains a large collection of artistic works and objects arranged in several themed rooms. You can observe the paintings, while your children can participate in the fun workshops.

7. Haji Lane

Thanks to Singapore’s ethnic and religious diversity, several neighborhoods have emerged. Among the best ones to visit, you will find Kampong Glam or the Muslim Quarter. In this Singaporean district, I invite you to admire the famous Haji Lane.

Haji Lane Singapore

Between street art, cozy bars, and designer boutiques, Haji Lane offers you a hipster atmosphere. During the evening, the notorious Singaporean Street turns into one of the best places to party in Singapore. 

Additionally, take advantage of your visit to buy the best items at unbeatable prices at the Haji Lane Shopping Center.

8. Unique Souvenirs from Chinatown

Visiting Singapore’s Chinatown is an opportunity to taste good local dishes and buy unique souvenirs. The Chinatown district is lively, noisy, and 100% authentic with an unparalleled ambiance.

The Singaporean district is home to several small stalls, displays full of products of all kinds, and silk shops.

China Town Singapore

Additionally, you’ll shop for Singapore’s best souvenirs while feeling like you’ve been transported to China. Furthermore, near the center and the docks, you will come across several Buddhist and Taoist temples that rub shoulders with neighborhood bistros, restaurants, and hotels. 

So, do not hesitate to make a trip to Singapore and feast on Chinatown Street Food, where a blaze of flavors awaits you!

9. Universal Studios

Another reason to visit Singapore is the famous Universal Studio park. Located in Sentosa Island, the Universal Studio of Singapore ranks number 1 amusement park in Asia.

Universal Studios Singapore

Every attraction in this place tells a story. Be ready to live an experience full of sensations! Among my favorite attractions, you will find Transformers, where you get into a car with 3D glasses and immerse yourself in the world of Sci-Fi. Additionally, I recommend you try Waterworld, an experiment that lasts 45 minutes with explosions, planes, and ships.

10. Eco-Tourism

Also known as the Garden City, Singapore is a pioneer in terms of eco-tourism. Contrary to popular belief, Singapore is a natural destination with many parks, gardens, and protected nature reserves that represent 10% of its area.

Singapore Botanical Gardens

The Gardens by the Bay embody this blend of striking modernity and tamed nature. On a hundred hectares, large steel trees harvest rainwater and solar energy to supply hundreds of thousands of plants and animals. 

Another vision of Singapore’s environmental conservation and eco-tourism is the Botanical Garden. It has the biggest number of orchids in the world. 

Additionally, the City-State houses the Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom where over 3000 species of butterflies and insects live. Additionally, the City-State ranks 7th in the world in terms of its ecological footprint. 

The country continues to launch initiatives for more ecological tourism with degradable cans, limit air conditioners to 25 ° C and volunteer projects where you will work with ecological associations to preserve the environment.

11. Very clean and safe

One of the major concerns for us travellers is the cleanliness and safety of the destination countries. Have no fear, Singapore is one of the best countries in both ways. All over the streets of Singapore, you will find surveillance cameras.

Singapore eating on public transport fine

Singaporeans feel so secure to the point that they find it easy to leave their credit card or a smartphone in restaurants when they are eating. In the City-State, everyone respects the law and the penalties can be very heavy in case of transgression. 

Regarding cleanliness, a trip to Singapore will make you realize that it is one of the cleanest places in the world. If you’ve been to big cities in the past where you felt like you’re wading through the garbage, then Singapore will be a very pleasant surprise. 

The streets and public transport are sparkling clean, so much so that you hardly feel the need to spray yourself with antibacterial gel when you arrive.

12. Singapore Changi Airport

Often the airport reflects the beauty of a country and it is the case with Singapore. Renowned for being one of the best airports in the world, this place will charm you very quickly.

Singapore Changi Airport

At Singapore airport you can do some shopping in the giant duty-free area, snorkel in one of the free movie theaters, rest in the superb swimming pool located on the roof of the terminal, or even take a nice meal in one of the many restaurants at the airport. 

Additionally, you can also stroll in the orchid garden, the sunflower garden, or even in the exceptional butterfly garden. The latter shelters under a large glass structure hundreds of butterflies, waterfalls, and plants from all over the world. 

Here’s why the City-State’s airport is one of the reasons to take a trip to Singapore. I assure you that you will not see the time go by!

13. Closeness to other countries

Another great reason to book a trip to Singapore is its closeness to other countries. The city-country is close to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Myanmar. Singapore shares its maritime borders with Malaysia on the North and Indonesia on the South.

Bus Ticket Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

You can even reach Kuala Lumpur in few hours by Bus from Singapore. Additionally, you’ll find numerous flights and cruises leading to other countries for a very cheap price.


A trip to Singapore is an unforgettable experience, it shapes a new different side of your personality. The City-State makes you discover a new side of South-East Asia. A very futuristic and at the same very traditional country. 

Deep down, if I had to give you all the reasons to visit Singapore, I will have to write a whole book. Honestly, Singapore conquered a part of my soul that I will always carry with me. I hope you enjoyed this guide as much as I did. 

Please, let me know what you think about Singapore and how was your experience there. I look forward to reading your comments!

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