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Why Montenegro Should Be Your Next Travel Destination

A great place to travel on vacation is the little nation of Montenegro, which is situated in the centre of the Balkans between the Adriatic Sea and the mountains. Discovering Montenegro is deciding to travel to a place with a myriad of attractions. Prepare to be impressed!

Perast Montenegro

Montenegro has a little bit of Croatia in it, with its crystal-clear seas, white sand, magnificent green scenery, and kind people. 

Here are top 10 reasons why Montenegro should be your next holiday destination.

1) Enchanted landscape

Montenegro, a little gem of the Balkan Peninsula flanked by the Adriatic Sea, sparkles with stunning green scenery. The blue water on one side, mountains with 2,500-meter summits on the other. 

Its natural state has been preserved. Montenegro has five national parks, each with defined pathways for scenic hiking.

There are several lakes that are crystal clear in these national parks, including Durmitor, Biogradska Gora, Lovcen, Lake Skadar, and Mount Prokletije, all of which are distinct from one another. 

The Mouths of Kotor, the only fjord in the Mediterranean and an unparalleled landscape, should not be missed. 


Additionally, if you’re looking for adventure, consider going on a canoe trip down one of Europe’s wildest rivers. The Tara River, which has Europe’s greatest canyon, welcomes rafters to descend through its stunning gorges. 

If you travel to Montenegro in the winter, you will also be amazed to discover the Durmitor National Park peaks blanketed in a deep layer of snow, providing skiers with the perfect playground.

2) For its cuisine

With a deft blending of Balkan, Turkish, Austrian, and Italian cuisine, Montenegro’s food shines. Locality and seasonality are highlighted.

As a result, whether you find yourself along the shore or in the town of Njeguši, expect to discover exquisite prosciutto that has been smoked for five months. Montenegro will pleasantly surprise you with their delectable Cashew Baklava for dessert.

3) Beautiful Beaches

Montenegro has a coastline of 200 kilometres along the Adriatic. The natural beaches are 55 km long, with more than 31 km of sandy beaches ranging in length from 1 km to 12 km.

Kotor Montenegro

A must-see?, The Mogren coves, which provide a spectacular perspective of Budva. You may also take a boat from there to Sveti Nikola Island and relax at the foot of the cliffs.

Anjice and Mirite are two west-facing pebble beaches on the Lutica peninsula that should not be overlooked. Freshwater Lake Skadar, which borders Montenegro and Albania, is also incredibly beautiful, with sandy coastlines and a few timeless settlements.

4) Architecture

One of the main reasons to visit Montenegro is its architecture, which has nothing to envy of other Asian and European countries.

Montenegro’s architecture is a synthesis of numerous influences, ranging from Roman and Venetian to Ottoman and contemporary. The thousand-year-old Byzantine settlement of Stari Bar is located one hour from the town of Bar.

St Mary Church - Kotor, Montenegro

The huge Ottoman baths are still unoccupied, many buildings lack roofs, and the fortified city walls are in ruins as a result of the 1979 earthquake, providing us with an amazing window into the past.

On top of one of the tallest peaks in Loven National Park, the famed Montenegrin poet, philosopher, and literary icon Petar II Petrović-Njegoš are interred in a stone mausoleum. 

One of Montenegro’s greatest views, a 360-degree panorama with Albania and Croatia in the distance, can be seen from this location.

Another outstanding example of Montenegrin architecture and history is the church known as Our Lady of the Rocks, built in the 12th century and situated above the Bay of Kotor.

5) For its culture

The numerous museums, archaeological sites, and art galleries showcase Montenegro’s rich cultural richness. The Center for Contemporary Art is one of the most significant cultural institutions in the nation and is located in the nation’s capital of Podgorica.

Visit Kotor and Perast

It houses collections from Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. In contrast, Budva, the Montenegrin Riviera’s “Saint Tropez,” entices visitors with a stunning open-air theatrical performance.

Shakespeare to Montenegrin slapstick comedies are among the theatrical and cinematic sequences that are projected around the Old Town in the Citadel, the Fortress of Kosma, and a number of churches. Take a day to tour Kotor’s Old Town, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

6) For its peace and quiet atmosphere

The tranquilly of Montenegro is one of the reasons you should make it your next holiday destination. Its beaches are emptier and its cities are less congested than its neighbour Croatia, which is more popular with visitors.

The chance to have some time by yourself away from the hordes of tourists. We can only advise you to leave right now before this nation becomes a well-liked travel destination.

7) A destination that is easily accessible

The capital of Montenegro is Podgorica, and the country is located between Croatia and Albania along the Adriatic Sea. There are direct flights from the European Union or the UK to Montenegro.

You can fly from big western European cities with an average flight duration of 2 hours. The trip is brief and enjoyable.

Podgorica and Tivat are the two main airports in country, allowing you to fly into one and out of the other depending on your plan. 

Finally, for those travelling from areas not served by direct flights, Dubrovnik Airport in Croatia is a viable alternative as it is approximately 40 km from the Montenegrin border.

8) The possibility of making payments in Euros

Although Montenegro is not a member of the EU or the Schengen Zone, you may still pay with euros there.

You won’t have to worry about currency exchange upon arrival when you opt to travel to Montenegro if you are from the Euro zone.

I highly recommend to pay close attention to credit card payments nevertheless, since they may incur large fees due to the absence of the euro zone in the nation. I urge you to check with your bank before you depart.

9) Several option if you decide to road trip or explore local areas

I have witnessed Montenegro’s investments and changes over the last few years. Numerous initiatives have been launched to enhance Montenegrins’ quality of life, and they now assist all tourists. 

Major road improvements have been made and are still being made, and the multiple locations have considerably facilitated traffic.

Perast Montenegro

As a result, I was able to drive by car more peacefully thanks to the increasing number of high-quality roads on the key axes. And when it comes to lodging, Montenegro has nothing to envy of its neighbours.

From five-star resorts to apartment rentals and beach club hotels, the selection is extensive and caters to all types of travellers, whether they are travelling alone, in a pair, or as a group. 

Therefore, everyone will be able to find what they’re searching for, whether they want an all-inclusive holiday to the sea or a multi-day road trip.

10) Ideal destination for Sea and Mountain enthousiasts

You can’t decide whether to travel to the mountains or the sea? Both are available in Montenegro, though. When you visit Montenegro, you’ll learn about a little nation where you may begin your vacations with mountain climbs and end them on a beach chair.

Kotor Bay Montenegro

There are undoubtedly some cultural excursions, but let’s be honest with one another. I did not travel to Montenegro to visit its museums.

I travelled there for its beautiful vistas, mountains that merge into the sea, panoramic driving routes that never cease to astonish me. 

Also, national parks that envelop me in breath-taking landscape and transport me to another universe, old stone villages where I like getting lost, and its seashore. 

Thus, you would have realised that visiting Montenegro entails taking the time to explore wherever you are and, most importantly, do not need you to decide between vacationing by the sea or in the mountains.

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