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9 Reasons to Visit Greece: Ancient History, Beautiful Beaches, and More

Do you want a luxurious getaway that won’t break the bank? Then Greece is the ideal destination for you. You may enjoy a magnificent environment at a very low cost at this lovely location. 

Take advantage of last-minute deals to surprise your loved one or your family with a romantic holiday in the sun.

You have no idea where to go on vacation, do you? You’re looking for a thrilling location, but your funds are limited? I have the solution for you: Greece!.

Greece, which is located in the southern part of our European continent, has never before welcomed as many visitors as it does in the recent years. Would you rather travel to Greece than anywhere else?

3 Guards leaving the Parliament during the Changing of the Guards in Athens, Greece

Because this country has all the ingredients for a successful vacation, and this, in any case, is the sort of stay anticipated. Everyone will find happiness there, whether they enjoy shopping, to relax, unique walks, or cultural visits.

Being relaxed when travelling to Greece is a guarantee of happiness for the entire family. If you still need more convincing, here are 9 great reasons to travel to the land of the gods.

1) Greece is genuinely affordable

Greece’s outstanding value for money is one of its greatest advantages. While costs have stayed low, the nation is just recently emerging from the financial crisis. The cost of the same services is typically half that of western Europe or North America. 

This holds true for the cost of lodging, admission to ancient sites, and any food-related expenses. You can get away with paying less than $10 for a great meal if you avoid tourist traps. A coffee costs about $1.5, a Greek sandwich costs between $2.5 and $3, and a pint of beer is about $5.

2) It's a wonderful nation

Everyone enjoys the variety of breathtaking landscapes. The miles of beautiful beaches cannot compare to the splendour of the continents. 

The Ionian Sea borders the west coast, while the Aegean Sea borders the east coast. Along the seaside, the sunrises and sunsets are exquisite. 

They show colourful skies in a charming environment. The diversity of the environment is delightful, whether it is beaches surrounded by lush vegetation or dazzling wild coves bounded by cliffs.

Lycabettus Hill, Athens Greece

The lavish Peloponnese, Athens, Delphi, Nauplia, and Olympia regions on the continental side, where archaeological treasures coexist with stunning surroundings, are not to be equalled.

Meanwhile, Meteora’s territory holds a wealth of secrets. You will like exploring the monasteries in these highlands that are perched on the tall, rugged peaks. Bring back your finest photographs of this opulent nation.

3) A very sunny country

Greek vacations are made more enjoyable by the Mediterranean climate. Summers are hot and sunny, and winters are pleasant and kind. The average year in Greece has more than 300 sunny days. If the water is a little cool in the spring for swimming, it stays moderate until the end of October.

Choose the east coast and the Cyclades if you can’t take the intense summer heat; here, the winds blow often and you’ll feel exquisitely refreshed. 

The world’s finest stunning sunsets are said to occur in Greece. In particular, hundreds of visitors wait for this moment every evening in Oia on the island of Santorini to consider the magical horizon.

4) Discover a lengthy and intriguing history

It would be a big mistake to restrict Greek beauty to its most stunning beaches. This nation has a lengthy history. It is fascinating to research the politics, medicine, and philosophy of its founding culture.

Themis the greek goddess of justice bronze statue

All of these masterpieces, which you may see while visiting, are firmly rooted in the essence of Greece. Finding the myriad locations transports you back to various periods of history. You may find ruins on islands as well as in Athens, all of which are encircled by magnificent surroundings. 

I recommend you check out the renowned open-air movie screenings held in Athens theatres beneath the stars for modern Greek culture.

5) The Greeks are extremely hospitable

 Greece will always welcome you. The people are actually really open-minded. The Greeks, who are frequent travellers, had little trouble conversing. 

They are kind and cheery and don’t think twice about helping you get information. The fact that most people speak English makes communication easier.

6) The beaches are gorgeous

The Greek islands, as is widely known, give you more than 50 different colours of blue between the sky and the water. 

Greece has an amazing variety of coves and beaches, both popular and less so. plenty to excite even the less playful! There is, in fact, something for everyone.

Do you prefer black sand beaches in volcanic settings or immaculate white sand beaches?. Whatever the case, you can always locate idyllic locations with azure waters that are protected from the influx of tourists. 

You might be wondering where Greece’s most stunning beaches are. On the islands and along the coastlines, they are everywhere.

View of Athens Greece from Acropolis

The Cyclades are breath-taking. Excellent and varied beaches may be found on Myconos, Santorini, Tinos, and Syros. In Mykonos, Super Paradise is the most well-known. 

The award-winning Corfu island has thirty blue flag beaches that are surrounded by lush vegetation. Paradise spots in the Ionian Sea. 

For those who like leisure, Crete is home to several picturesque locations on the Aegean Sea. Not to mention the Dodecanese Islands, which are home to many beaches, islands, and hidden coves. 

Additionally, swimming is possible in Greek beaches for a large portion of the year due to the temperature. Fans of any water sport, including windsurfing, will be happy.

7) The cuisine is delicious

And what if you could eat healthily while in this lovely environment? Another strength of the nation that improves your visit is Greek food. Greece has long been regarded as having the greatest cuisine, and for good reason. 

Restaurants and pubs frequently have mystical settings. Take a seat on a terrace that overlooks the colourful sunset while you are near the water.

Enjoy the lovely mainland cities’ small-town atmosphere. Everyone will agree, nevertheless, that the local cuisine won’t let your taste buds down! Ask for local, fresh items, and stay away from tourist-heavy places.

The welcoming environment is also appropriate; the Greeks like going above and above to ensure that you have an amazing experience!

8) It is a safe destination

You won’t have to worry about security when visiting Greece, so you may go there with great confidence. Regular police rotation is really comforting. Compared to a country like the UK, it is a considerably safer country. The girls had no trouble walking alone themselves in the evening.

Acropolis of Athens, Greece

The most dubious person would claim that while we are not safe anyplace, tourist destinations are actually rather secure. For a successful vacation, you must still feel at ease and peaceful.

9) The Greeks are party animals

Because they love to party, the Greeks do not have a bad reputation. For enjoyment, young people go from all over the world to Greece. On Myconos, it occurs for hip nightclubs. The Tropicana resort in Paradisebeach hosts the largest beach parties. The clubs in Little Venice are consistently packed.

Not just at nightclubs, but everywhere, is the holiday mood. This welcoming environment may be found at cocktail bars, taverns, bustling town squares, in other words, everywhere that promotes relaxation.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the benefits of visiting Greece, you can decide where to travel without breaking the bank. A Female will like the fine sand or white pebble beaches, and Male will be fascinated by the exciting adventures. 

In Greece, there are many enjoyable activities. Consider last-minute offerings to benefit from fantastic bargains. If you haven’t already.

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