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Marloes Sands – All you need to know before visiting

Marloes sands is a hidden gem off the Pembrokeshire coast in Wales. Despite the fact that it is a county, the north and south coasts differ significantly, so it is worthwhile making an effort to see both during your adventure.

Bench with View Marloes Sands Beach Pembrokeshire Wales

The towering cliffs of grey, gold, and purple rock, alternating layers of grey shale, and ancient red sandstone characterise this rugged, boulder-strewn shoreline. 

There are rock pools to explore near the bay’s western edge. Also, keep a look out for seagulls and seals. 

Where is Marloes sands?

This beach is a natural setting surrounded by cliffs, and is one of the 24 beaches of Pembrokeshire National park.

I you are getting there by car, I recommend you use the following GPS/SATNAV coordinates: Latitude: 51.719355 / Longitude: -5.206586

What is the best time of the year to visit Marloes Sands?

I have visited Marloes Sands in May 2022 (Middle of Spring). The sky was cloudy and you can expect some wind even in summer.

Marloes Sands Beach Pembrokeshire Coast Wales

Historically, July is the month with the highest temperature, with an average of 20 °C. 

August has the hottest sea temperatures, which an average of 18°C. The coldest month of the year in this area is January, when the water is at around 10°C and the temperature is at around 8°C.

What footwear do you need to visit Marloes Sands?

There is no need for special footwear because the short shoreline is covered with grass, the water is a clear blue, and the sand is light. 

Everyone has access to Marloes Sands’ whole shoreline. It has no infrastructure and is entirely untamed. To access the beach, you need to go down some rock steps. I highly recommend to be careful as it can be slippery at times. 

Once on the sands, I highly recommend you walk along the beach if the tide is low. It is a jaw dropping landscape. The sunset here is magnificent spectacle.

Marloes Sands Beach

The 1.5 km long Marloes Sands Beach, which is part of the Marloes Peninsula, offers spectacular views of the nearby islands of Skokholm and Gateholm.

One of its most well-known characteristics is the geological wonder known as “The Three Chimneys,” which consists of three vertical rows of strong Silurian sandstone and mudstone.

An excellent show for everyone in attendance. Hiking along this beach, which was used to film sequences for more contemporary films like Snow White & the Huntsman and The Lion in Winter, would be enjoyable for movie aficionados.

At high tide, this magnificent beach of over 1 km vanishes as if by magic.


Marloes Sands Car Park

There is car park at Marloes Sands located at approximately 300 metres from the beach. Due of its small size, it may get quite congested throughout the summer. 

Can you swim at Marloes Sands beach?

Yes you can swim here. When I visited, a couple of friends were brave enough to go for a swim, and the water was very cold. Something to be aware of is the tide times in order to avoid being stuck far away from the exit points.

The bay is about a kilometre long, making it excellent for people who like to feel the sand beneath their feet while strolling along the shore. 

This secret Welsh treasure is only accessible by foot, but it is well worth the journey.

View of Marloes Sands from the top

Another alternative is Albion Sands, a small nearby harbour where a wreck is uncovered at low tide. The water is easily accessible, and the bottom is pleasant. It was reported that there’s a low presence of Sharks in this sea area.

Marloes Sands lacks a wave-protected swimming area. However there are seldom large waves during the season. You can practice several activities you may do in addition to swimming and tanning.

Marloes Sands Café (Runwayskiln)

On a walking distance from the Marloes sands car park, you can find a coffee shop called Runwayskiln. This place is a bit pricey but the food quality is very good.

I highly recommend the seafood chowder. This dish came with a variety of vegetables as well as some sea food. The bred served here is similar to the chowder bred. Overall, this place has a superb atmosphere. 

Runwayskiln Address: Marloes Sands, Marloes SA62 3BH Wales.

Final Thoughts

Marloes Sands is a spectacular cliffs of grey, gold, and purple rock folds, alternating layers of grey shale, and ancient red sandstone that characterises this steep, rock-strewn shoreline.

This place is a perfect spot for all types of individuals, including those who enjoy relaxed vacations and lone travels. I have really enjoyed this hidden gem. Even at the peak of the tourist season, you will enjoy a quiet walk, as this area os mostly uninhabited.


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