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Why the Great Barrier Reef Continues to Fascinate and Attract Visitors

The biggest coral reef in the world, stretching 2,600 km in eastern Australia, is the perfect place to soak in the scenery. It has more than 2,900 reefs and over 950 islands. Beaches, lakes, and vibrant fish are on the experience plan. It is Romantic to the core.

The Great Barrier Reef

When is the best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef?

The Great Barrier Reef is accessible throughout the year. However, being aware of the weather and the seasons can enable you to plan your vacation more effectively. 

The Great Barrier Reef is located in the state of Queensland, where the year-round temperature is moderate. In the area, there are two distinct seasons. A dry season marked by high temperatures and little rainfall.

From May until October, this occurs. The second season is the wet (or rainy) season, which features milder temperatures and more rainfall. From November through March, this occurs.

Picture of a Ferry sailing by the Greaf Barrier Reef Queensland Australia
Great Barrier Reef Queensland Australia - Under water picture of coral reefs

Although exploring the coral reefs is doable throughout these two seasons, the wet season provides some challenges. Rain affects visibility in the water, making the formerly clean waters murkier. Storms can also cause greater currents, which might hinder boats from leaving. 

This is, however, the finest time to see the rainforest. During this time, the lush foliage and numerous waterfalls spring to life.

Why do people visit the Great Barrier Reef?

Something to be aware of is that the cost of the Great Barrier Reef tours vary depending on the activities. A snorkelling tour can be purchased from $150 (Australian Dollars), whereas a diving experience cost starts from $200. This is to cover the cost of the Oxygen  bottles, the hire of other diving équipent, and being assisted by an instructor. 

I have summarised below the 5 main reasons why, as a traveller, I have decided to experience the Great Barrier Reef for a day (Snorkelling and Diving experience): 

1) Because it is the world's biggest coral reef

You will be in awe of this breathtaking location. All accolades should be directed at the Great Barrier Reef. It covers a vast 348,000 km2 region off Queensland. This reef tops all other coral banks that bleach the soil because of its size.

Great Barrier Reef Queensland Australia - Under water picture

This extraordinary environment is home to a diverse and abundant array of living things. Every 100 metres, a new discovery will be made, and there will be breathtaking displays that demand your attention at all times. Visit this lovely scenery while you’re in Australia to make the experience even better.

2) Impressive stats that demonstrate how large it is

Take a look at these amazing figures to get a better idea of what this paradise in the Coral Sea is like. 

Totalling around 2500 reefs, the Barrier’s whole surface is decorated with a variety of shapes and hues. Without a doubt, you won’t have time to take in all the islands that make up this spectacular area. In fact, you’ll need to count up to 900 islands with widely varying sizes.

View of the Great Barrier Reef from a Ferry

Others grow to the size of a cay, while some are restricted to a narrow strip of sand. Others are perched at altitudes of over 1000 metres above the water. Enjoy the scenery that this unusual group has created.

3) There, you'll come across magnificent protected species

Many different types of living creatures are growing on the Great Barrier Reef and its surrounds. They like the natural circumstances that support their typical deployment. This biotope’s many components collaborate to create an extraordinary ecological environment.

Great Barrier Reef Queensland Australia - Under water picture of coral reefs and blue fish

There are more than 500 genera of corals mentioned. There are up to 1500 species of fish. Also, 4000 different varieties of molluscs comprise the billions that cover acres of land. Finally, the area is home to 240 different species of the large number of flying creatures. You will enjoy this magnificent universe, no doubt about it.

4) A sequence of plants and lovely beaches

Viewing the Great Barrier Reef from above in a helicopter is one of the many ways to fully appreciate its magnificent beauty. The immense expanse of islands, reefs, and enormous coral banks will suddenly be seen.

Great Barrier Reef Queensland Australia - Under water picture of Reef and a blue fish

You’ll like the glimmer of colours in different forms. What about the wonderful green vistas and magnificent white sand beaches that surround the glistening blue sea waters side by side? 

Additionally, Hinchinbrook Island’s vast forest valleys and lushly vegetated terrain will wow you.

5) You'll engage in challenging and varied activities

You may engage in a variety of activities at the Great Barrier Reef in addition to taking in the stunning surroundings. Swim whenever you choose, do scuba diving or snorkelling, or go sailing. It is also feasible to go for walks on the mountains or the beaches.

Snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef Queensland Australia

Alternately, unwind by the water on the fine white sand. The only sounds that Hayman Island hears are the screams of birds and the murmur of dying waves on the shore. Go check out Bloomfield Falls’ magnificent waterfalls or treat yourself to a trip to Eungella National Park. All these marvels are waiting for you at the Great Barrier!

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has piqued your interest in embarking on a unique trip on the Great Barrier Reef. Please let me know if you have any queries regarding the region.

On the ferry to the Great Barrier Reef Queensland Australia

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