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6 Top Reasons You Have to Visit Australia Now!

Why you should visit Australia

When discussing future holiday destinations with your significant other, family, or friends, Australia is one of those nations that is practically never brought up. Even if it’s only a quick trip.

Feeding a Kangaroo Perth Australia

Australia is a distant, unfamiliar place to Western Europeans that is also home to some dangerous and potentially lethal animal species. 

The first and third of these points are accurate, but the second may be changed: Australia’s isolation and late colonisation made it extremely distinct from other nations.

The majority of Australian land still doesn’t seem to be developed. Having travelled across Australia for 7 months, I have no qualms about suggesting it as a place that will provide you with an outstanding life experience. 

Yes, the trip is lengthy, the country is not inexpensive, and I’m sure you can think of a few more drawbacks.  I have listed below factors that motivated me to travel to Australia.

If you are wondering what are the main Australian landmarks, you can read this article.

6 reasons why Australia is worth visiting

1) Amazing Natural Landscapes

Mother Nature is the rightful owner of Australia. That is how it is. Men has only been able to live in the country’s coastal regions due to the country’s climatic and orographic circumstances. These regions are where the majority of Australian cities are located, leaving a sizable space to nature. 

Great Ocean Road Drive - Gibson Steps Victoria Australia

There are several natural parks in Australia made up of mountains, forests, jungles, deserts, rivers, lakes, and islands: Uluru, a massive rock that stands alone in the middle of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island. 

The dense Blue Mountains forest, which is close to Sydney. You will travel on breath-taking routes like the renowned Great Ocean Road to see long, uninhabited beaches on Australia’s west coast, among other things. 

A 250 km trip down the coast near Melbourne will take you by abandoned limestone structures in the ocean known as the Twelve Apostles and allow you to observe koalas in eucalyptus trees. This is a naturalist’s delight.

2) Nature

Compared to other regions of the world, Australia has had a very different experience with the development of life. 

It was inhabited exclusively by Aborigines for many generations, being cut off from Western modernity until far into the 18th century, and several rare animal species coexisted peacefully there for a millennium.


Riding a Camel at Alice Springs Camel Farm Northern Territory Australia

Australia is still primarily populated by animals, including kangaroos that leap, emus that graze, and cuddly koalas, as well as dingoes, ferocious crocodiles, snakes of all kinds, arachnids, wombats, monkeys, and, of course, the infamous Tasmanian devil. 

Sharks can also be found on the seafloor, where you can find just about anything.

Just like the sense of touching numerous koalas in the wild or following after a herd of forty or fifty kangaroos leaping like crazy, diving in the Great Barrier Reef is an experience I’ll never forget.

3) The World best road trips

Australia and New Zealand would be at the top of my list of the greatest nations I am aware of to travel through on a fantastic road trip by car, and in any case, I advise hiring a camper van rather than a car. 

Sleeping in locations of extraordinarily exquisite loveliness is completely possible when you’re carrying the home on your back. Additionally, there will be regions in Australia where you cannot find a village or guest home within 400 or 500 kilometres. I took several road journeys.

Road Trip East Coast Australia

One in the southeast of the nation, starting in Sydney and ending in Melbourne after a stop at the Blue Mountains and the Great Ocean Road, and the other on the unpopulated west coast, beginning in Perth and travelling north to Monkey Mia. Long strips of tar ran through the bushes-dotted red ground.

There are signs on the highway warning you that the following 400 kilometres are devoid of petrol stations. Emus and kangaroos will cross in front of your car knowing that you own it. Drive with extreme caution and never at night.

4) Adventure

After reading the three arguments above, I assume you’ll be convinced that Australia is the ideal location for an adventure: it’s home to wild animals, some of which are actually dangerous; it has a rich, diverse environment; and it has routes that take you through forgotten regions.

Hiking Mt Wellington Tasmania Australia

The level of adventure is up to you. However, you are not at an outdoor summer camp in the mountains close to your home. Be wise and take advantage of an adventure that will be difficult to have elsewhere.

5) Big Cities

Yes, Australia has large cities as well. On the east and west coasts, respectively, Perth and Sydney may be the most well-known and significant. 

Tall commercial structures line the city’s core. But when these factors are combined with the beautiful parks, botanical gardens, beaches, and renowned Sydney Harbor (with its iconic Opera House), a lovely city is created that I wouldn’t hesitate to call home. 

Melbourne is a major sporting city and the industrial hub of the east coast (sport is central to Australian life).


Sydney Harbour Bridge Australia

The Australian Tennis Open and the Formula 1 Grand Prix are just a couple of the events it hosts. The city is highly vibrant, with many immigrants from Europe and top-notch eateries and pubs. South of the west coast, Perth appears to be a concrete paradise. 

Although it is a significant financial hub and a convenient starting point for any adventure or vacation along this part of the country’s coast, I don’t think the city has many positive qualities.

6) The Australian people

Australians are everywhere throughout Australia. The fact that Australia is a young country and that the vast majority of its citizens are the offspring of immigrants from all over the world has helped to forge an open and friendly character among Australians. 

A good climate and their love of sports and the great outdoors have also contributed to this. Almost all of them are either jogging, cycling, surfing, diving, or doing all of these at once, as well as simultaneously. Beautiful individuals are born through racial mixing.

Cesna plane, Perth, Western Australia

This is evident when you go out to a party in any city. Australians are the kind of people who will always say yes to a nice BBQ and an unending supply of beer. 

Don’t allow distance keep you from exploring this great nation that is so unique from others that it will leave a lasting impression. You will undoubtedly find affordable flights if you book flights well in advance.

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