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Visit Pinguin Island, Western Australia

One of the most fun places to visit in Western Australia is Penguin Island. It is a small island 1.4km wide and 1.7 Km long, and is connected to the mainland via a bridge.

This Island is oval shaped, and because it is a place inhabited by Penguins, don’t expect to see any ice. 

Walking around Penguin Island

On Penguin Island, you’ll have the chance to admire beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing beaches. You’ll also meet the world’s smallest penguins in the world, Dolphins, Pelicans and seals.

How to reach Penguin Island from Perth

To go to Penguin Island you need to take a Mandurah Line train from Elizabeth Quay station to Rockingham Station. The ride lasts around 32 minutes. Trains are available every 20 minute and cost between £3.68 and £5.51. 

Once you reach Rockingham Station, take a bus (551 or 552) to the bus final stop Penguin Rd after Watts Road. The ride lasts around 17 mins. Buses are available every 30 minutes and the fare varies between £1.84 and £3.68. 

From here, keep walking on Penguin Road until you reach Rockingham Wild Encounters and take a ferry from there. The ride lasts 10min and cost £12.86.

Can you walk to Penguin Island?

It is absolutely feasible to walk on the sandbar from Shoalwater Island Marine park to Penguin Island, but local authorities strongly advise against using it. Indeed, the weather conditions do change so quickly. 

Also the sea currents and a fast change in tides can make the walker face a life threatening situation.

What to do on Pinguin Island?

1. View Point Penguin Island

One of the things you must do in Penguin Island is visit its view point. The place offers a nice lookout of the island and the Western Australian coast. 

View Point Penguin Island is also a great viewing spot to see the mainland of Rockingham and nearby beaches. To reach View Point from the main area, you’ll have to take the stairs. 

Then, you’ll find yourself in an open viewing area on the south side of the island. Moreover, don’t miss on learning about the penguin feeding program. It is very fun and informative, especially for kids.

2. McKenzie Well

This place takes its name from the famous Seaforth McKenzie, first known person to live on the island. McKenzie settled in Penguin Island in 1914. After receiving an annual lease by the government in 1918, he built a home out of the island’s limestone caves. 

His home includes a grand ballroom and a library. Numerous people were invited to the grand ballroom where they acknowledged McKenzie as the king of the island in a grandiose celebration.

Also, numerous visitors got the opportunity to read poetry in his library. McKenzie remained on the island until 1926. After being separated from his family for 45 years, he returned to it. Nowadays, all that remains of the McKenzie’s era is its well and its cave.

3. Penguin Island Discovery Center

Another must-do activity on the island is watching Penguins. You can do so by visiting Penguin Island Discovery center or at Penguin Beach during summer. The center is located only a small walk from the jetty.

A blue penguin at Penguin Island Discovery Centre

Even if you’re tired, rest assured, there are no stairs or steps to get there. Once there, you’ll notice that there are some shells and other sea life type items to view outside. 

I must admit that what left a true impact on me was how much the staff love their job.

A blue_penguin at Pinguin Island Discovery Centre

You can see that they are doing it out of passion. Moreover, visitors are allowed to watch the penguins from close range, learn about their intriguing lifestyle and take photos of them. 

However, you must not use the flashlight because it hurts the penguins sensitive eyes. Also, if you would like to learn more about the history of penguins, you can take part in one of the center’s touch tables. 

As for the entry fees, they range between £22 to £25 for adults and £19 for kids.

4. Penguin view trail

When visiting Penguin Island you must not forget about the view trail. You’ll have the opportunity to witness an amazing nature show, the famous parade. It costs between 25.70 AUD up to 65 AUD. 

You will either have access to the bleachers in front of the beach or access to an underground room just in front of the penguins. One thing is sure, everyone has access to the walkway connecting the beach to the Penguin Parade Center. 

It’s from there that the view trail starts. Also, keep in mind that filming or taking pictures of penguins during their parade is prohibited. This rule was put in place to avoid disturbing these cute animals.

5. Walking around the island

My last suggestion concerning the things to do on Penguin island is to take a walk around it. 

The trail passes through bushes, rocks and beaches. Moreover, this walking trail starts at the Penguin Experience Island Discovery Center. It stretches over 1.5 KM and lasts 1 hour.

A beach on Penguin Island

This walking trail in Penguin Island allows the walkers to experience close encounters with the flora and fauna. So I highly recommend trying it and this activity!

Final Thoughts

Penguin island is a beautiful surprise for nature lovers. Whether you travel alone, with friends or with your family, you’ll have a great time in the company of Penguins.

Visiting this island will allow you to reconnect with mother nature but also learn everything about Penguins.

Don’t hesitate to check it out and I will be waiting to read your comments about your favorite activities on the island.

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