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All you need to know about Bradleys Head

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Bradleys Head Peninsula is located in Sydney in New South Wales (NSW). It is an ideal place for fishing, hiking, picnics, and newlyweds. Moreover, a trip to Bradleys Head offers you the chance to discover numerous beautiful nature places in Australia. 

So are you curious to discover everything about one of Sydney’s best spots? If yes, then you’re in the right place!

How to get to Bradleys Head from Sydney CBD?

One of the best options to get to Bradley’s Head is using a car. A distance of 11 kilometers separates the two places, on top of that, the journey only takes about twenty minutes. To get there you just need to take Western Distributor from A4 at Millers Point and exit Clarence St. 

Then take Bradfield Hwy, A8, and Belmont Rd towards Bradleys Head Rd in Mosman. Finally at the roundabout go straight on Bradleys Head Rd and you will reach your destination. Just note that parking costs 5 AUD. 

Ferry to Bradleys Head from Circular Quays Sydney

Moreover, the quickest way to do a trip to Bradleys Head from Sydney CBD is taking a ferry. You can order one from Circular Quays to Taronga Zoo Wharf 4, Side B, and walk down to Bradleys Head Amphitheatre. 

The distance between both is only 1.5 km. Moreover, you must know that two companies are operating, Sydney Ferries and Captain Cook Cruises. The trip costs between £2.8  and £5.1 depending on which company you choose. 

Additionally, the national park’s entrance is for free and the place offers magical fireworks shows. Furthermore, Bradleys Head offers numerous spectacular views of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the bays along the way.

Bradleys Head highlights

1) Bradleys Head Amphitheater

One of the top attractions to visit in Sydney is Bradleys Head amphitheater. The famous spot was built by the park authorities in 2000. The place’s history is a bit funny since the reason for building the amphitheater is the Mission Impossible 2 movie. 

The film’s producers used a polystyrene house from which Tom Cruise rescued a girl being held hostage. Later on, the house became Bradleys Head Amphitheater, a popular spot on weekends. 

In this Australian attraction, you often see newlyweds taking their wedding portraits. Moreover, you will have the chance to enjoy sweeping views of the Harbor, Sydney Opera House, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. 

Additionally, Bradleys Head amphitheater is a good spot to admire the city skyline at sunset.

2) Bradleys Head Walk

When making a trip to Bradleys Head, it is imperative to try its walk. The 1.7km circuit hike should take approximately 1 hour to complete. Moreover, the Bradleys Head Walk is one of Sydney’s most beautiful hikes and one of its most unknown. 

Additionally, the Bradleys Head Walk offers a perfect glimpse of the city’s sunset. To enjoy the scenery, just go to any spot between Taronga Zoo and Bradleys Head. Furthermore, I urge you not to forget to bring your camera to take some breathtaking shots of a colorful sky. 

You can also take mesmerizing pictures of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Opera House, and the foreshore of the surrounding harbor from afar.

3) Bradleys Head Lighthouse

Another iconic tourist attraction in Sydney is Bradleys Head Lighthouse. It is an active facility located within the metropolitan area of the Australian City. Before making a trip to Bradleys Head, you must know the history of its lighthouse. 

It was named after Sir. William Bradley, an officer on the Sirius, guardship of the First Fleet. The lighthouse was built in 1905 after a series of accidents. The place was the first precast concrete lighthouse in the country. 

Moreover, the authorities erected the lighthouse on a rock and connected it to shore by a footbridge. Additionally, the building’s light is green with a cycle of three seconds.

4) Bradleys Head fishing spot

Aside from being a good place for hiking and picnics, Bradleys Head is a great fishing spot. If you’re a newbie and don’t know where to start, I invite you to go to Bradleys Head fishing spot. 

There, you’ll find people who will consult you about what you want and what you need. Then, go practice fishing in Bradleys Head. Thanks to its upstream side, you have a good chance to fish flatties, salmon, and luderick. Additionally, on the downstream side, you can go to the haunt of squids.

5) Athol Beach and Athol Hall

Another must-visit attraction when making a trip to Bradleys Head is Athol Beach. Located on the western side of Bradleys Head, Athol Beach is a 100 m long moderately steep beach backed by a low wide grassy berm. 

It is also characterized by its steep rocky slopes, with a rock and timber jetty at its eastern end. So, I invite you to enjoy relaxing fishing off the jetties or just relax for a while on the quiet sands of the beach. 

Moreover, if you fancy a stroll on the beach, you can always head to Taronga Zoo where diverse wildlife lives. Additionally, Athol Beach’s views are nothing less than spectacular. They offer you a postcard-perfect panorama that will make most of your friends jealous. 

Furthermore, Athon Beach hosts Athol Hall, a charming restored heritage venue. Located in front of Athol beach and surrounded by serene nature, the Bradleys Head hall is another great setting for wedding ceremonies and important receptions. 

From birthday celebrations, work conferences to Christmas parties, Athol Hall accommodates all styles of events. Also, Athon Beach offers spectacular views of the Sydney skyline, the Opera House, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

6) Bradleys Head Road

A track filled with surprises, nature landscapes, and beautiful scenery, that is what Bradleys Head Road looks like. The road’s accessibility is built to accommodate disabled people. 

Wheelchairs can access the area from the main entrance however at some point on the way to the amphitheater they will encounter numerous obstacles. Moreover, I must also mention that disabled toilets are available. 

To reach the amphitheater, head to the main entrance, continue up to Taylors Bay and then head south. An incredible journey awaits you!

Visiting Bradleys Head for New Year's Eve fireworks

If your trip to Bradleys Head happens at the time of New Year’s Eve, then please follow the next steps. Before I start, you must know that Bradley’s head is the best viewpoint for the NYE fireworks. 

So, take a ferry to Taronga Zoo wharf and walk to the main entrance. I recommend you to come in early because the place becomes crowded very easily. When I was there in 2012, I arrived early and did a bit of a race with other tourists to get the best spot possible down the amphitheater (via Bradleys Head Road). 

I recommend getting enough food and drinks that last after the fireworks. Moreover, bring a towel and swimming suit and enjoy the beach whilst waiting for the fireworks. 

Additionally, I recommend bringing a good DSLR and a tripod with bulb mode to capture the good lights. Furthermore, If you’re after an alcohol-free New Year’s Eve to share with your kids or friends, Bradleys Head is a good spot for that.

New Years eve Fireworks from Bradley's head Sydney

You’ll have uninterrupted views of the Harbor Bridge and Opera House while enjoying live music and entertainment shows. So don’t miss out on welcoming a new year for only $54. You can purchase your tickets by clicking here.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’re ready now for your trip to Bradleys Head. It was fun writing about this amazing place and I hope you’ll experience the same while reading this article. 

Don’t hesitate to share your experience and thoughts about a trip to Bradleys Head and its wonderful attractions. I look forward to reading your comments!

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