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About the Bare Traveller

Lisbon - Portugal

Hi, my name is Karim, a frenchman in his thirties, currently based in London (UK), who is passionate about travelling. I have been travelling the world since I was 21 years old.

Why creating this Blog?

For the last 10 years or so, I’ve been travelling around the world, visiting a lot of countries, been writing a lot, without sharing it with the many on the internet.

After I announced to my family and friends that I intended to take a gap year and travel to Australia in 2012, their first reaction was: Are you going to create a blog?

Having a small group of fans and followers to start with, so I decided to launch this blog, talking about and sharing my adventures around the world.

Personally, I rely on the internet to find travel and backpacking tips. So, with this blog, it’s my way to give back what the travel community has given me. I’ll do my best to share original quality content.

What will you find on this Blog?

First of all, I will be sharing travel tips to the countries I travelled to (Accommodation, transport, activities, fees …etc.), alongside photos and videos.

When I travel, I like to mingle with local people to learn about their culture and traditions, so what you can expect is to find articles about the best spots to see natural landscapes, do certain activities, all this from a local’s perspective.

Everything you find on this website is an illustration of my true personal experience, accumulated through years of travels, and several countries visited, and many sites visited.

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Would you like to learn more?

Please contact me using the form, or via social media platforms, I’ll be more than happy to reply to you in due course.